Monday, September 1, 2014

More of the Same

This week I was not attacked by any drunk people...

We went to Pucallpa this week to give the more of the same is a really strange cycle.  We've been doing 2 different trainings and I have given one of mine 3 times and the other one 5 times.  The weirdest part of it is how much differently the trainings are received in each place.  In some, the missionaries are really open and willing, especially because we're putting in a lot of new things in practice that had kinda been forgotten or done differently before.  In the simplest way, President Gomez is really starting to make more changes in the mission.  For about the first year, he had been letting the mission keep working the way it had before.  He’d made a few small changes here and there, but it seems like now he's really making a lot more changes than before.  

It's cool to be a part of the whole planning and training thing, to get to look at how the whole mission is doing and get to look at how the different cities need different things and yet find a way to make it one system for everyone.  Really, things are starting to get way simpler than they were before and its interesting.  

We didn’t really have any crazy stories from this week which is why I’m saying more of the same...not really sure what to tell you about at this point-- just more training going out with missionaries in their areas, meetings, planning, etc.  I haven't even gotten to work in my own area yet this week...sometimes that’s the tough part--that I don’t really get to work in my own area.  Sometimes, there really just is not any time.  I hope you guys have a great week and hopefully I have some more cool experiences this week that I can share with you next week.

Love you guys!!

Elder Peacock

Alma 26:12

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