Wednesday, January 29, 2014

He’s Mexican?

[Email dated 1.27.14]

Hey guys!

So it turns out that I did get a companion even though his old companion is alone now....oh well.  His name is Elder Limon and he is half Mexican.... Yeah, that big red head in the background is him--Mexican?   But for reals though, his dad is Mexican I promise.  He has 19 almost 20 months on the mission and is from Arizona.


This week we were ridiculously busy, but we really didn't seem to be doing a whole lot of teaching or proselyting.  President Gomez came out to Pucallpa for almost the whole week so we had a bunch of stuff to do for interviews, room checks, special trainings, divisions, lunches, baptisms and a wedding.  It was just a really busy week and probably the bad part about being a Zone Leader because we just have to make sure everything runs smoothly and we have to make everyone happy so a lot of times we just lose a lot of what would be time to proselyte. It’s ok though because this week is going to be a lot more normal.  I think....


Saturday was just kinda crazy because everything started really late.  But it's ok, our ward had 4  baptisms on Saturday and it looks like they’re excited to really work with the missionaries (there were like 12 baptisms all of last that’s a bit of a bump for them.) But the work is going well out here for us and I am definitely becoming an expert on marriage papers.  Nobody can just have everything that they're supposed to, so we always have to find some other things to replace them.  It's always an adventure...haha


This is Elder Burleson in the airport on his way out, and he gave me his cowboy Tabasco tie...sick!!

I love you guys have a great week!!

Elder Peacock

PS: I got one of the Christmas packages.  I think the assistants just
didn’t have room to bring both of them this week, but next week I'll be
in Iquitos again and I should get to pick up the other one.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


[Email dated 1.20.14]

This was probably one of the strangest weeks in the history of the world. On Wednesday we got a call from President in the afternoon and he asked to talk to Elder Burleson.  To make a long story short,  because of some problems with some paperwork, he had to leave the country.  He got an emergency change to Ecuador Quito Mission and he left the next morning. It was a huge shock because he didn't even really know that there were any problems until that call.  It was also really sad because he was the best. We got along really well and we were really doing great work together. We entered the mission together and even though I didn't really know him all that well until he was my comp, it’s still sad that he had to leave. 

So now, I'm basically without a companion.  I technically do have one but he is from the other zone and he has a different area, so basically we just sleep in the same apartment and try to divide as much as possible.  It’s really just an awkward situation.  I'm usually going out with a young man who is just waiting for his mission call or with the mission leader who is in a wheelchair.  I actually really like being with the mission leader because I'm wheeling him around and he's just the best.

Also, now I’m a Zone leader all on my own--after 2 weeks--luckily I
understand how to do everything, it's just a lot of stuff to remember and a lot of stuff for me to do alone now.  It's ok though.  I'll have a real companion in like 3 weeks. 

Even with all of that happening, we're actually seeing a lot of stuff going on with the work here in my area and it looks like we have a whole lot more that is going to come too, so that is exciting.  But yeah, even though I don't actually have a companion at this point, I'm happy to be here and I love what I'm doing.

Elder Peacock

P.S.  I would send pictures but I can’t find my cord....

14 Months!

[Email dated 1.13.14]

I hit 14 months this week!

Elder Burleson and I entered the mission together so we hit 14 together too (logically) and we've both decided that we're just going to keep telling everyone that we have a little over a year in the mission.  we've decided that it's easier that way.  It's also really weird to think that we're the older missionaries with a lot of experience never really think that stuff like this is coming.  Like you know that it is going to but it never really seems like you're going to get there because it just seems so far away.

We may have had one of the funniest experiences ever the other day. We were in this house waiting for all of the family to come out to teach them.  While we were waiting, the drunk brother was sitting with us and he really likes to shake our hands and he did it about a thousand times until he just decided to hold onto Elder Burleson’s hand and he challenged him to arm wrestle....haha so I watched my comp arm  wrestle a drunk guy in the air.  It might have been one of the funniest things ever! 

And then, when we were teaching the family, he was still there and really just wanted to talk.  So I gave him a pamphlet and told him to read it because at the end we were going to give him a test.  I have never seen anyone study so hard or so quietly before in my life.  I'm still considering whether or not we should actually give him a could probably be good haha.

We're teaching this family that is also our pensionist here.  The wife has been going to church for years but the husband just hasn't wanted to do anything.  He's a great guy but just doesn't want to go to church or be baptized.  We have been praying really hard for them because it's really kinda sad for the wife.  The other day when we went for dinner, we didn't get exactly what we wanted for them but really little by little he's opening up.  He said he wants to get married so that his wife can get baptized.  Of course, we have hope for them both, but little by little his heart is opening.  The sad part of this is that the thing that is keeping him from living the Gospel is exactly the reason why he needs the Gospel. Some day he will come around, we always just have to hope it's not when it's too late.

Well, things are going great out here and I'm loving it! Even though as Zone Leaders we lose some proselyting time to do paperwork and other random things it's pretty cool and it's a lot of fun.  Have a great week!!

Elder Peacock
PS pictures next week....hopefully

PPS at least the package came back for you to try again.  I really want that shirt and tie…and the Pop Tarts…

Thursday, January 9, 2014

That is One Well Traveled Package

by Elder Peacock’s Mom

So, if you have followed this blog, you may remember the travails and frustrations of sending packages to Elder Peacock, detailed HERE, HERE (see the PS), and HERE as well as miscellaneous other grumblings, er references throughout the last year, including the most recent post.

In May of 2013, I put together and mailed a package to Tyler.  In May, he was in the Peru-Lima North mission so it was mailed to that mission home even though he was serving in the city of Iquitos.   In July, he was reassigned to the Peru-Iquitos mission when it became its own mission.

Suffice it to say that that package never reached its recipient.  I was annoyed.  I was peeved.  I swore off (temporarily) sending any more packages. 

Imagine our surprise when said package arrived on our own doorstep this week.  No explanation.  Thankfully, no C.O.D.  It was just sitting there with a box from Amazon.  It’s a New Year’s Miracle!

1524847_10202809876717828_1593469633_edited copy

It had been opened, but it was intact.

2014-01-08 12.15.31

In fact, the junk food is probably even still good…I’m told the shelf life on Pop Tarts is at least 7 years, so that 7 months of traveling back and forth to Peru barely made a dent in the freshness quotient.

I’m happiest that the engraved journal and hamster shirt will have another shot at getting lost in the mail.  Because, really, Tyler NEEDS THIS SHIRT!!!


Almost redeems my faith in the mail system.  Almost.  Oh, the stories that package could tell….

With Change Comes Traveling

[Email dated 1.6.14]

This week I finally got another change.  After almost 14 months, I am only in my 3rd area with my 6th companion.  There are some missionaries that have that in like 6 months.  I've loved my areas, so I'm cool with it.  I am now in Pucallpa in the Zone Yarinacocha and I'm a Zone Leader [areas are organized into districts, which are organized into zones, which are interested into missions.  Each level has leadership responsibilities culled from the missionary pool].  My companion is Elder Burleson who is actually from my group, meaning we started together and it's great.  We look fairly similar and we both are somewhat similar people, so it's actually really cool and it's going to be awesome being with him. 

On Monday we received the changes and I went around to say goodbye  to people in my area and converts and then the next day I traveled, a lot.  I had a total of 3 hours in a car and then 2 flights to get to Pucallpa (with a connection in Lima) and we got here at night really late just in time for the new year.  The next day we got to travel again to Iquitos for a Conference for Leaders of the Mission (ZLs and some Sister leaders) and then we were there all day on Thursday and back to Pucallpa on Friday.  It was basically 4 days of travelling—which is just a lot.  It was actually really cool to be in the conference.


So Pucallpa is hot.  Right now it's nice, everyone is just telling me that it's a fluke and it'll be getting hot again in a couple of days and then I'm just going to die.  It's also a lot bigger than Nueva Cajamarca.  I was used to this little place with one branch [small congregation] out in the middle of nowhere and now I'm in a city with a stake [a stake is a regional organization of wards, or congregations] and 2's a much different atmosphere for sure.  It should be really cool and I'm excited to be here.

Love you guys!!!
Elder Peacock

PS So, your packages you sent are in Iquitos and I should get them in like 3 weeks when the assistants come out here to Pucallpa and at the latest I’ll get them at the beginning of next month when I go to Iquitos.  Since I'm a ZL now, we go to Iquitos for a council so I'll get to go there a lot more often now.  [Well, at least we know the CHRISTMAS packages arrived.  And just in time for Valentine’s Day…]

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Weddings and Baptisms

[Email dated 12.30.13]

OK, so I don't have a lot of time especially for the jump of emails from the usual 4 to 6 up to 22....ok most are pictures but between you and Eva sending me pictures [from the wedding] and a few people remembering my existence, I basically have no time to write today but I will just tell all of you that it was great to be at 2 weddings in 2 days. One in Moyobamba and one in LA....ok maybe I was in one and a half weddings....or something like that...


We had a wedding of a family on Friday and I just thought that was a little convenient, having a wedding on the same weekend as Justin.  The family got married on Friday and baptized on Saturday.  We actually had a huge service on Saturday and I would send pictures but the internet is bad [but, fortunately for you, I am behind on posting, so here they are from the following week’s email!]. It was one of the coolest moments of my mission and I really had a great couple of days. The whole experience of being in this Branch [small congregation] has been just a huge testimony builder.  It now might be one of the best areas in the mission and it's just the greatest.  I love my area and I lovIMG_2808e the people here.  I don't think I'll be here for much longer but, this area has changed completely in my 6 months here and the Lord is really doing so much.  I have also been really changed and I have grown so much in this time.  I highly doubt that I will be here next week but hey you never know.  Just know that when the Lord gives you trials it is just that, a trial that you need to overcome.  When you get through it, you will be so much stronger and so much better.  When the Lord gives you trials, it's because He loves you and wants you to grow and to change. 

Congrats to Justori, or Torstin....look forward to getting to meet you together in a little over a year [over a year?  NO.  UNDER a year.  Definitely less than a year!] and I hope all is going well for you guys!!!

Love you all!
Elder Peacock

PS One of the guys who got baptized on Saturday said that every time he prayed and asked about what we were teaching was true, a storm started and I definitely was in those storms.  I kinda wanted him to stop asking at that point.  This is the only true church and God lives and talks to us today because He loves us!!

PPS have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  make and keep some resolutions!!!!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Elder Peacock’s Day at His Brother’s Wedding (sort of)

[December 28, 2013]

When love happens, sometimes it can’t wait for brothers who are on missions in remote parts.  So, Flat Elder Peacock (or Flat Tyler as we familiarly call him) had a busy day as proxy for his more 3-D counterpart.


Flat Tyler is very quiet, so sometimes we forget he’s there and we were afraid we might forget him, so we put a little reminder on the front door.


A sweet ride to the temple.


Here he is, always the missionary, welcoming visitors.


But I like this version where he has palm fronds sprouting out of his head…I think 3-D Tyler would appreciate the humor in that.


Oh look!  Here’s a visitor now!


Chad is almost as tall as Flat Tyler.  He likes that about him.


Take down! (ok, ya, we had a lot of time to kill while waiting for the bride and groom to emerge…)


Now on the temple side of the street.


With grandma and grandpa, and…


Aliza, and his brother’s roommates, and…


meeting Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Spiker (married for 7 days!), and…


Hanging with his cousins and brother.

Flat Tyler was very popular with the ladies:


His friend Jessie,


Kari, sister of the bride (I promised her he’s actually much taller in 3-D!),


He even found a flat Sister to hang out with! (who also, incidentally, happens to be serving in Peru!)  They’re cute together, don’t you think?


Finally, the bride and groom emerged and Flat Tyler was a champ, posing in all of the pictures!


Oh.  I don’t think 3-D Tyler’s going to be very happy that he ended up shorter than his brothers.  I think they might have been taking a bit of advantage of his inanimate nature.


There he is, photobombing…a favorite hobby of 3-D Tyler (see below, pre-mission).


At the wedding luncheon.  His last social obligation of the day before retiring to the garage (scaring us from the shadows when we forget he’s there) to await further duty…

Thanks for filling in, Flat Tyler!

Merry Christmas!

[Email dated December 23, 2013]


I know I said that I wasn't going to write today but sometimes there is just confusion and lack of communication so there isn't much that I could do about it.  [Like we were going to complain about getting an email…]

This week was awesome and the work here continues to explode.  We had 4 complete families of investigators in the church on Sunday, it was crazy!  The only sad part is that next week is changes and I'm really worried that they're going to take me out of here right when everything is happening.  But if that happens, then at least I can say that I left the area better than I found it and that is for sure.  

So you may all remember that we moved a pile of bricks a few weeks ago.  Well, we continue to move them.  Each week we move them like another 10's kinda like they really just need to figure it out and put them where they want to so that we can just do it and be done with it, haha.  But we're just gonna keep doing it until these people finally get their house built.

So I don't think I'm going to say too much more because we're going to talk on Wednesday, but I did want to share that on Friday we have a family that is getting married which is going to be really weird because it's the day before Justin´s wedding....that’ll be interesting.

I hope you all have a great Christmas and that you all keep the real meaning of Christmas.  The family and Christ.  That really is what the center of Christmas needs to be.  The rest of it is cool and there are nice traditions but really we always have to keep the main thing the main thing.

Have a Merry Christmas, and I'll talk to you all before the New Year!

Love, Elder Peacock