Monday, September 16, 2013

Apostolic Counsel

hey everyone!

IMG_7249So this week was awesome, pictures just still don't want to load so you’ll just have to take my word for it... These computers aren't exactly state of the art... [Here’s one from just before his mission for fun]

Anyway, on Sunday there was a District Conference here and in all of Perú actually... and we got to hear from Elder Bednar and Elder Scott with a Seventy and someone from the Relief Society Presidency.  Being the middle of nowhere in Perú, we only really got to see like half of it [likely it was broadcast via satellite or internet] but from what I did hear, I can tell you that they are really men inspired of God and they speak directly to our needs.  At first, I couldn't figure out why they were doing a special conference for Perú, but they really spoke directly to what we need to hear here.  They talked about chastity and the youth because really that's where they're getting hit the hardest here.  A lot of youth go inactive [fall away from the Church] especially due to chastity.  It's really sad.  As a youth, there are sometimes just so many voices surrounding them.  Sometimes we let the voices that lead to the bad speak louder than our own that lead to the good.  It’s really all just because sometimes we don't want to open our mouth for one reason or another.  But one of the many things that I've learned is that you just have to open your mouth and speak for the good. [Stand as a witness of God at all times and in all things and in all places…Mosiah 18:9]

Another thing I learned from it is that sometimes when we need to hear something, God is telling us exactly what we need to hear but we don't want to listen.  I spent half of the conference trying to keep the youth from yelling in the church.  It's really sad that even when an Apostle is talking directly to someone, they don't want to listen. 

My companion is coming along.  I have a hard time just having a few minutes of silence so I usually just talk.

Love you guys, Gotta go....Pictures next week?....Maybe.

Tyler in Peru

Elder Peacock

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

10 Months!!

Well, this is going fast....I hit my 10 month mark this week and I really feel like I just started not too long ago.  Apparently everything is going to be going even faster by the time I hit a year though...And I think that I've changed quite a bit since getting here as you may notice from this email.

Anyway, this week was good, but I'm jut really annoyed by one thing:  Procrastination.  Anyone who knows me should be confused by that because I procrastinated my way through high school [true, that.  A surprisingly successful strategy for him, though I would not recommend it] and that's just always how I've been.  Now, I’m the exact opposite.  I don't get why everyone wants to wait to do good things, especially when they understand everything and know what they should be doing.  That seems like a very common thing here that they can know something, and know it with their mind and with their heart, and yet still just want to do things later.  People, just know that there will never come a better time to act.  Doing everything all at the last minute is not a very efficient way to do anything and the thing is, with the Gospel, we don't know when we're actually preparing for, so really there is no way to procrastinate this and get it done.  Because by the time we know it is about to be all over, it'll already be over and we won't have time to act. 

Also, we were talking to someone yesterday and they said something that mom would be very shocked about.  They were talking about companionships of missionaries and how there's always the really friendly talkative one and the one who is very quiet and doesn't say too much...well apparently I'm the first one...I think it's partly out of necessity because Elder Villar is very nervous whenever he has the  opportunity to talk to anyone so he doesn't say all that much or talk to all that many people, so I'm doing a lot of the talking and a lot of the teaching right now (not the same things).  He's a good kid and all but it's just not something he's comfortable doing. [YET!]

[Mother’s rebuttal here:  Tyler and I are nearly polar opposites.  Where I think more words are always better, whereby to assure clear communication (ok, my bias is showing, I’m aware), Tyler feels no need to use 3 words when 1 is sufficient.  He’s a man of few spare words and is more likely to watch in amazement as I ramble on, and then reply “OK”, which is usually considered by me to be a totally inadequate response.  OK is not even an actual word.]

And for the record, every week I start off my time on the computer starting to load a picture but there really just isn't ever enough time to load the picture...these computers aren't exactly the fastest machines in the world, so just know that eventually you will get to see my beautiful face mom....eventually....maybe after i get changed again....

[I might have mentioned that I’d love to see some pictures…*SIGH*]

Love you guys!

Elder Peacock

PS did you know gasoline is a cleaning agent here? well now you do. also just remember not to use too much of it...that's a bad thing for sure....haha

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

It’s a Small World!

[post by Lisa]

When Tyler (Elder Peacock) was a junior in high school, he took this cute girl to the prom:


She is now Hermana Morris and serving a mission in El Salvador.

She wrote this to her family last week:

“Hey I forgot to tell you last week to tell the Peacock family that I met the parents of Tyler’s companion! It was the weirdest thing! We were in a different area in Modelo looking for a house for new elders and we came across some members. They were reading their son’s emails, showed us there pictures and lo and behold one of the pictures was of their son and Tyler at a baptism. I was freaking out!? How crazy! What a small world!”


We think it must have been Elder Carrillo’s family…

I’m a Father!

Ok, so I guess that subject line could use some explaining...

For those of you that have never been missionaries before that means that my companion is fresh out of the MTC [Missionary Training Center] and I'm training him.  His name is Elder Villar and he is from Huanuco, Perú which is like a 12 hour car ride away so really not very far away.  The weirdest thing ever is that he is taller than me...I did not even know that a Peruvian that is taller than me existed and now he's my comp.  I haven't taken a picture with him yet so you’ll just all have to wait to see him, but he's a lanky fella and he told me that he wants to gain 20 kilos on the mission....or 50 pounds....That is a lot.  But that means he wants to go to the gym a lot which I like because I hadn't had a companion that would get up to go to the gym until now.  

Because he’s new, he's not really used to teaching at all, nor does he really know how to do it, which is why I'm his father, because he's like a newborn in this world of being a missionary.  But going to our first lesson (we hadn't had any time to study or to plan together just because he had just gotten here and we had a lesson right then), I was trying to talk to him about what we were going to teach and trying to tell him which parts I wanted him to talk about, and he was just like yeah! yeah! I got it don't worry, I got it.  So I was like alright I guess we'll just go with it and see what we get into the lesson and I start teaching and then I look to him when it was his turn to talk and he just looks right back at me with the widest eyes I have ever seen and mouths to me "NO" while shaking his head.  It took pretty much everything I had to not just bust up laughing because of that.  Afterwards he apologized and now he likes to listen a little bit more when we talk about what we're going to teach.  He is a bit timid and does not like to talk to people in the street...or do more than bear his testimony of what I'm teaching and then look right back at me.  But I think it'll get better....hopefully.  Right now it feels a little bit like I'm dragging him around right now but it's alright.  

Anyways this week was good and training is definitely a different thing seeing as I'm the only one with any idea of what's going on...haha

Love you all and hope you have a good week!!

Elder Peacock