Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Airport

  And then, this self assured, happy young man came striding down the hallway…

  20141202_133155  20141202_133157


It had been a while, but we thought he looked like someone we used to know…


Yep!  It’s him!


I lost my footing!  I love the sweet face of the lady enjoying the moment:)

 20141202_133206 20141202_133213

And for just a brief moment, the world stopped.  I still tear up when I see this picture.


His dad very patiently waited his turn.



Not everyone got such a warm welcome…  Male missionaries are not allowed to hug women other than their immediate relative.  Since Tyler had not been “released” from missionary service yet [after he meets with the local church leader, which he did later that day], he was obedient to the end and did not hug his “other mother” until he was released.  It was a huge sacrifice.  She’s a hugger.



Side Note:  This was absolutely the most un-white shirt I had ever seen.  In fact, it wasn’t even his shirt, because his were worse and didn’t come home from Peru.  Two years of constant wear in the jungle is tough on white shirts.  We decided this one had given it’s all and was given a reverent burial.


What does a California boy do first thing?  That’s right.  In-N-Out for a Neapolitan shake and a double double.

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  1. The picture is worth a million smiles. It feels great to see the loved ones reunited again, one certainly cannot truly express such moments of happiness. Stay blessed!