Monday, January 28, 2013

Weddings are a Pain!

Hey everybody!

IMG_0677[1]So it was another good week, they're already starting to go faster and faster, I feel like just yesterday it was PDay.  So yeah, weddings are a pain.  We have this couple E*+M* who are ready to be baptized and come to church every week and are just awesome.  The only problem is that they're not married.  They're ready to get married, except for the fact that E* has no paperwork anywhere.  No birth certificate or any record of anything.  We went into the Municipal to find him somewhere in the system.  Nowhere to be found.  So we have to get some way to get him a birth certificate and everything.  But there is just so much paperwork that has to get filled out and all of the paperwork costs money an for a lot of these families, they don't have the money to pay for any of it.  It's no wonder people don't get married here.  But, they have this cool thing here in Iquitos and I would assume in all of Peru called Parrilladas.  Basically it is is a BBQ and people pay for the food, just like a fundraiser.  And the members basically take care of that so it's really awesome.  But yeah, weddings are a pain.

So as far as transportation goes, we're usually walking but if we have to go really far or need to get there really fast, we take a Motokar, The motorcycle things with a bench on the back.  We aren't allowed to take buses and I don't think I've seen a taxi here.  But this is the only place we're allowed to take motokars, outside of Iquitos you can't take them.  I definitely am not travelling by boat haha, only the edge of our area is on the water, sorry to disappoint you dad.  We have 2 wards in our area, one with about 40 in meetings weekly and one with about 70 weekly.  The members are awesome here.  


We had lunch one day this week with a sister who had the biggest property ever, there was a large stream, a bridge, a farm, a few buildings and a watchtower all on the property. It was huge!  2 of the pictures attached are from there and the other one is from E* and M*’s house....I think. I can't really remember.  But mom, you should be proud I've been taking a lot more pictures.


Well, I'm not sure that I have too much more to say, I know this is the work of the Lord and I'm so grateful that I get to be a part of it.  This Gospel is what brings happiness and how we can change our lives for the better.  It's all because of Jesus Christ and his sacrifice for us.  He is the center of everything and if we make sure to remember him as the center of everything we won't ever have any problems we can’t manage.


Elder Peacock

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