Thursday, February 21, 2013



I'll apologize now, I don't have much time today so this'll be a shorter email.  

Elder Duran has this rash on the back of his neck so we went to the doctor to get it checked out and set an appointment to come back on Friday.  So we went on divisions with members that morning which was really lucky we usually can't get 2 members at a time to divide, especially not on a weekday morning.  So I come back to the house at like 1 to see if he has come back yet and he pulls up in a motokar with a huge bandage on the back of his neck.  He proceeds to tell me that he isn't allowed to leave the apartment for 3 days because they burned off his rash....Who does that?? They burned it off? So then we were trying to find more people to be able to divide with so at least I could go and do something. We got a few hours of divisions in this weekend but really I was stuck inside for quite some time and it was not the best, I got a little bit anxious.  Oh and they only burned off half of it and he has to go back this week to get the other half done which will likely be another 3 days of captivity....not looking forward to that!

Oh, by the way, I am still in Iquitos with Elder Duran in the same area.  So 6...i guess now it's 5 weeks at least that we'll be staying here.  We're still waiting on some papers for the family that is waiting to get married and baptized.  We found this other family with probably the weirdest situation ever.  The dad is named M* R*, the son is named M*r*.  yeah...and the son is 9, goes to church every week on his own and his dad has yet to come.  They tape record all of our lessons so they can study them later? and the 9 year old kid is smarter than me.  Like he really is just a genius and his dad is like a professor in the local college.  The dad really wants to get baptized...but in Nauta, which is a branch outside of the city...I guess I can't really explain why it's so weird but it's just way different teaching them, maybe you'd just have to be there.

Love you guys!

Oh and I'm not sure exactly who put it together but I think it was the primary, thank them for the package with letters that they sent. [They sent the package before Christmas!!  Oh my…]

Note:  Bryce finally wrote Tyler!!

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