Monday, July 22, 2013

If You Thought I Was In a Remote Location Before, Well….

Hey everyone,

So I finally had a transfer...and it was a huge change for sure.
Remember how at the beginning of my mission when I told you guys that I would be going to Iquitos, you all thought I would be in the middle
of nowhere only to find out that I was really just in a city?  Yeah,
well now I think you can actually say that I'm in the middle of
nowhere.  I'm in Nueva Cajamarca which is a little town to the north
of Moyobamba.  But really that's just what it's called because my area
is absolutely enourmous and there are parts that I really won't ever
even be able to go to because it would take like an hour to get there
in a motokar...It's just so big. 

But, yeah, to get here:

I left Iquitos at about 4 on a plane to Tarapoto.  I was told I was either going to Tarapoto or Moyobamba, so I really had no idea.  After the hour long flight, we got to Tarapoto and the elders at the airport tell me and another elder that are going to Moyo.  We go to this carport thing and take a car from Tarapoto to Moyobamba, which is a little more than 2 hours...through pretty much straight jungle which was cool, but long.  When we got there, I was just relieved to be done sitting in a car...only to find out that my comp and I have to keep going...what the heck!  We have another 1 hour trip to Nueva Cajamarca!

I was just dead by the end of it with all of the travelling only to find out that we have to go back to Tarapoto on Thursday for a meeting with much driving....!  And I get to come to Moyo every Monday and Tuesday for Pday and meetings, I'm not a huge fan of cars at the moment.

My comp is Elder Carrillo, from El Salvador.  He's 18 and has 4 months
in the mission.  He's pretty cool and it should be good working with
him here.  The branch has recently seen a lot of growth and the 110
people that are going to church just barely fit in the house where we
have our meetings.  If the attendance keeps up, the church is going to
put a chapel here starting in about 2 months.  It's a really cool
place and there's some altitude here. We're actually at the base of
the beginning of the mountains.  I'll let you all know more next week
because with all of the interviews and work visits that I've had to do
this week I've only actually been in my area for 2 days--still
hopelessly lost as far as my area goes because it's so huge and I
barely know anyone.

Love you guys!
Elder Peacock

PS. I doubt I will ever get my package now. supposedly better to send
those big padded envelopes. [AAAARGH!]

PPS. We baptize in the river.

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