Tuesday, September 10, 2013

10 Months!!

Well, this is going fast....I hit my 10 month mark this week and I really feel like I just started not too long ago.  Apparently everything is going to be going even faster by the time I hit a year though...And I think that I've changed quite a bit since getting here as you may notice from this email.

Anyway, this week was good, but I'm jut really annoyed by one thing:  Procrastination.  Anyone who knows me should be confused by that because I procrastinated my way through high school [true, that.  A surprisingly successful strategy for him, though I would not recommend it] and that's just always how I've been.  Now, I’m the exact opposite.  I don't get why everyone wants to wait to do good things, especially when they understand everything and know what they should be doing.  That seems like a very common thing here that they can know something, and know it with their mind and with their heart, and yet still just want to do things later.  People, just know that there will never come a better time to act.  Doing everything all at the last minute is not a very efficient way to do anything and the thing is, with the Gospel, we don't know when we're actually preparing for, so really there is no way to procrastinate this and get it done.  Because by the time we know it is about to be all over, it'll already be over and we won't have time to act. 

Also, we were talking to someone yesterday and they said something that mom would be very shocked about.  They were talking about companionships of missionaries and how there's always the really friendly talkative one and the one who is very quiet and doesn't say too much...well apparently I'm the first one...I think it's partly out of necessity because Elder Villar is very nervous whenever he has the  opportunity to talk to anyone so he doesn't say all that much or talk to all that many people, so I'm doing a lot of the talking and a lot of the teaching right now (not the same things).  He's a good kid and all but it's just not something he's comfortable doing. [YET!]

[Mother’s rebuttal here:  Tyler and I are nearly polar opposites.  Where I think more words are always better, whereby to assure clear communication (ok, my bias is showing, I’m aware), Tyler feels no need to use 3 words when 1 is sufficient.  He’s a man of few spare words and is more likely to watch in amazement as I ramble on, and then reply “OK”, which is usually considered by me to be a totally inadequate response.  OK is not even an actual word.]

And for the record, every week I start off my time on the computer starting to load a picture but there really just isn't ever enough time to load the picture...these computers aren't exactly the fastest machines in the world, so just know that eventually you will get to see my beautiful face mom....eventually....maybe after i get changed again....

[I might have mentioned that I’d love to see some pictures…*SIGH*]

Love you guys!

Elder Peacock

PS did you know gasoline is a cleaning agent here? well now you do. also just remember not to use too much of it...that's a bad thing for sure....haha

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