Monday, December 2, 2013

A Peruvian Thanksgiving

Hey everyone!

Hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving!!

This week was good.  On Thursday, we did have a Thanksgiving lunch with a full turkey on the table, real mashed potatoes and some sweet potatoes.  I couldn't really explain how to make gravy so she [the pensionista, AND I’m not sure Tyler knows HOW to make gravy, so I’m sure explaining it was probably difficult] gave us just straight up turkey grease...I chose not to try that....but it was good for a Peruvian Thanksgiving.  Oh and they gave me a giant hunting knife to carve the turkey [Bryce would LOVE that!]  I really just cut it into chunks, not really slices...


Then this weekend we had a baptism!! His name is J* and the guy is really cool.  He’s 100% changed from when we met him and everyone has been saying it too.  When we went to go to his baptism, the spot we usually go to was just full of people all swimming because it was really hot.  That's the downside of baptizing in a river.  So we had to drive up the road in the Motokars for about 10 minutes until we found another spot that was suitable for baptisms and wasn't full of people swimming.  We actually found a really cool spot that was secluded and I think it's prettier than the first one, so we might just keep going back there.

But yeah, this week was really hot.  Normally it's hot for a few hours and gets cooled of by a nice rain, but not this week.  I’m sure it didn't rain because it was just saving up for Saturday night.  It was the hardest storm I think I've ever seen, mostly because of the wind... we now live on the 4th floor because the new companionship in N C is where we were.  The wind is a lot stronger that high up.  The wind tore off one of our windows, which fell into the street.  That was followed by the panic to keep the curtains from getting ripped off and our beds from getting soaked--good thing I had my handy dandy duct tape! thanks Eva! That was a very exhilarating 10 minutes....let's see  what we do now...

Love you guys!

Elder Peacock

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