Monday, November 17, 2014

Two Years!

[Email dated 11.8.14]


For those of you keeping track (Mom, Dad and Eva), I hit 2 years yesterday.  Seems pretty crazy to think that I      have been a missionary for 2 years now and I'm really glad that I still get to be for another 3 weeks.  Also, we made Oreo milkshakes yesterday.  Pretty delicious.

I didn’t get to write much last week because it was really hectic and I got a little bit of time on Monday, but not a whole lot.  Since I last wrote we had the leadership council and then we went out to Tarapoto on Friday.  We were there through the weekend and then had training on Tuesday.  On Wednesday, we went out to Moyobamba for training on Thursday and then we returned to Iquitos last night.  We've really been pretty busy and really, we're always pretty busy.  We also are almost always doing exactly the same thing, just with different missionaries in different cities.  So I don't really know that I have all that much to say about what has been gong on out here, because it's really a lot more of the same.


One cool thing was that I got to head out to Nueva Cajamarca one last time and got to say goodbye to a lot of the people out there.  That was definitely my favorite area and it is definitely the prettiest one in the mission too.  As far as I understand, they should be receiving a chapel in this coming year, which should be awesome for the branch and it should grow like crazy.  One of the pictures is the family that I baptized my last week out there.  They actually live right in front of the plot of land where they are going to build the church.  That family is the best!  They have been members of the Church for about 10 months now and their lives have changed so much in the time they’ve been in the church.  They were always good people and didn’t change all that much about themselves other than just a few little things, but they are just so much happier right now and it is just so easy to see the blessings that they have received in such a short period of time.  It was really nice to get to visit them again. 


Also, I got to see Keisy (Casey) Open his mission call.  He was baptized like a week before I got there the first time and he was always working with us.  He’s going to turn 18 on January 15th and on the 21st he is going to serve in Guatemala.  It was really a special trip to get to go out there again and see everyone and how the branch is still just changing ever so slightly, but still the same branch.


In this picture I am with the branch president and the prior mission leader in Nueva Cajamarca who is now the elders quorum president.  They're brothers.  The EQPs son is the 2nd counselor of the branch as well... this family has been a large part of the structure of the branch since the day it started.  The EQP was the first branch president there.  They're the coolest.  It’s been weird, because I've already said goodbye to an quarter of the mission and one of my old areas.  I happened to be there on the day that I finished 2 years...


During the upcoming week, we’re going to be here in Iquitos, visiting a bunch of missionaries and of course doing more of the same, and I love doing it.  Sorry for the short letter but there are pictures today so that makes up for it right? They do say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so really this is a long email.  Love you guys! Hope you have a great week!

Elder Peacock

Alma 26:12

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