Monday, June 17, 2013

Another Week, Another Transfer

First of all, happy Father's Day dad!!!also to Grandpa and Grandpa and everyone else who is a dad...Can't name all of you that's for sure.

So I don't know if I'm staying here or going, I have a lot of time here but I still feel like I'm going to stay where I'm at with Elder Bravo.  This change felt like a week in all honesty.  I feel like we just picked up Elder Bravo from the airport. I'll let you know next week, but this transfer will have the split of the mission!! And I will officially be a part of the Misión Perú Iquitos....I think and can never really know.  Just to clear things up, I've gotten some questions in letters...Iquitos is a part of Perú, it's not another country or anything, just in the jungle.  But things should be exciting with the new mission and everything and President Gómez comes from México.  Not sure what part but it'll be different having a Latino Mission President for sure.

So this week was awesome, as usual.  On Monday night we were leaving to go to an appointment and this guy stops us to talk.  His name is Carlos.  We talk to him and he tells us he wants us to go to his house and talk to him more.  He gives us his address and I instantly know we have a problem because the street he gives us is so unorganized with the numbers so I know it'll be tough to find him.  Later in the week we go to look for him and, of course, we can't find the number so we decide to ask this lady sitting outside.  She tells us that Carlos lives in the house right next to hers.  So we go to that house and there isn't a number so we figure it's gotta be that house.  We knock the door and this guy answers the door and tells us that Carlos is taking a shower but should be out in a minute so we start talking to that guy (named Roger) and he's cool.  We're still waiting and then he goes to get Carlos...they come out and I have no idea who the other guy is, I just know I've never seen him before in my life!  Sure enough, he's Carlos... the best part is, he didn't even think it was weird that we were looking for him even though we had never seen him before.  We went back later in the week and he asked us if we were really looking for him that first time--he didn't realize until after that it was weird that some random guys were looking to talk to him and that we knew his name before talking to him.  Haha-- maybe it was a “had to be there” moment but it was really funny.

This week was really full of everything: spiritual, funny, disappointing, exciting, etc.  Sorry I can't really explain all of it to you guys.  I hope all is well and you have a good week,

Elder Peacock

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