Tuesday, June 4, 2013

So, I’m Famous?

Hello everybody!

So apparently that picture of me in the rain was a big hit, my mom said it was something like 7000 comments... I think it's like that thing with writers and artists where nobody appreciates you until you’re dead but in this case it's more like nobody appreciates you until you’re on the other half of the world...or something like that. haha

This week was good but really not too much happened that was all that out of the ordinary (for a missionary in Iquitos) so I'm really struggling with what to tell all of you...I guess I can tell you what I didn't the last week.

So we have this investigator named R* whose wife and two daughters are members of the church.  We had taught him a few times and he said he wanted to be baptized but just wanted to keep waiting.  He just wouldn't accept a specific date to be baptized and we just couldn't figure out why he would just tell us that he wanted time to think about it.  So then we taught him this lesson and it was really spiritual, we invited him to be baptized again, and told us again that he just wanted some time to wait and didn't want to rush it.  Then we invited him to prepare for a date which had been done before, he just wanted to wait, and in that moment he kinda mumbled "ya" his wife looked at him in surprise and shock and asked what?.  He repeated himself but a little louder this time and said yes.  Then his wife kinda broke down and kinda turned into a mess at that point.  He had met with missionaries for years up until this point but just hadn't had desires to do anything from all of that.  He's now really excited and loves coming to church and everything.  Then this week, we had his first interview (there are 2) and when the Zone Leaders showed up, R* said "ay, a ti te conozco" or in other words, “Hey I know you”.  Elder Flores had been in another area about a year ago where they used to live and had taught him and was somewhat close with the family.  He was just so excited to see that R*'s time had finally come and that he was changing his life.  Although the changes he's had to make aren't that drastic, he's seen huge things that he's received from it.  Sometimes when it's your time, it's your time.  That's something else that's very apparent here; there's a time and a place for everything.

I love you guys and hope everything keeps going well for you


Elder Peacock

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