Monday, August 12, 2013

And…I Got Bitten By a Dog

Hey everyone!

So this week was bitten by a dog, some members yelled at the District President for no real reason and some more encounters with that same drunk guy who likes to wield knives... no knives this time though.

So yeah, our Branch is really out of the way so it's really rare that there are actually visits from the leaders of the District here.  But we're filling the little house chapel and really they're going to have to start building the chapel here right now or some people are going to stop going just because it's getting uncomfortable in there.  So he [the District President] came to see that.   During Elders Quorum,* let’s just say that there was some money being asked for by someone that shouldn't have been asking for money.  The District President then made it very clear that that wasn't ok...then there were some hurt feelings...and then there was yelling from a member...come on people...this is not exactly going to help investigators feel comfortable in the church when there are just people yelling....I was pretty annoyed by that...anyways.

So yeah more stuff with that drunk guy.  We actually see him a lot right now because we're teaching his brother, it's just really hard to teach him when his drunk brother just always happens to be there.  He is always drunk.  There really is not any moment when he's not drunk.  I really just don't understand that process.  He also insists on being there when we teach his brother too.  He's always just making comments that just don't really apply to anything that we're talking about, which is really funny, it's just that sometimes its at very inappropriate moments...also he says "that question is so easy" when we ask his brother anything...even if there's not actually a specific answer....he hasn't kicked any more puppies though...that's good.

And about the dog...I'm not dead mom, I can still walk and there's a 50% chance that I don't have rabies :)  I'm just kidding mom don't worry :) ok, part of this is real, and part of it is a joke. It's up to you to decide... [Sometimes, I really don’t appreciate Tyler’s sense of humor.  This is what Jeff wrote back to him: “You better say more about the dogbite or I’ll call the President myself.  I'm just kidding, TYLER,  don't worry:)  OK, part of this is real, and part of it is a joke. It's up to you to decide...”  This is what I wrote back: “Are you kidding me?  That's all you tell about the dogbite?????????????  Tyler JAMES PEACOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”]

Love you guys,

Elder Peacock

*  LDS Sabbath day meetings go like this (the order may vary):  (1) Sacrament Meeting, which includes the whole family.  Speakers are generally drawn from the congregation.  (2) Primary and Sunday School.  Children ages 1-11 attend Primary and teens – adults attend Sunday School classes where gospel doctrine is taught.  (3)  Primary (children ages 3-11), Young Women (teen girls ages 12-18), Priesthood (teen boys – men) and Relief Society (women ages 18+).   

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