Monday, August 19, 2013


So.... apparently sarcasm doesn't really translate very well through emails.  Just to clear things up the dog bite was nothing severe, dangerous, or even really painful.  It grazed my leg a little bit,  I just thought it sounded a lot cooler that way.  I do have two tooth holes in that pair of pants right now, but other than that no damage done to me.  So Bryce, I know you were worried, but now you can rest at ease.  Everyone just remember that I am me and fairly often I make sarcastic comments.  I'll try to change that a little bit for you Bryce.  Nobody be mad please... [Sarcasm still going strong.  I do believe in this paragraph he is simultaneously apologizing, kind of, and calling out his brother for his lack of interest in his welfare.]


Anyways, this week was pretty awesome. we had a couple of baptisms this week which is always good.  They're named M* and R*.  M* is in a wheelchair and does not have use of her legs.  R* is her nephew that lives with her and she's basically his mom.  I think it's needless to say that they've both had some rough lives.  This gospel has really been a huge thing for them.  They really are some of those people where you can really just see the hope and the happiness that this gospel has to offer.  They've both had lives full of difficulties, but with all of the difficulties that they have, they can really find the joy.  It just highlights that idea that there is opposition in all things and because we have difficulties, we can recognize the joy and the happiness.  I really love a scripture in Ether 12:4 because it talks about the hope of a better world.  That's really all we can ever have sometimes.  Just hope that things are going to get better, especially when we can't see how it can change or how things could possibly get better.  If you think there's no way out, there is always the light of the Gospel to show us where to go.  


Love you guys and I hope you all have a good week. Also congrats to Justin and Tori!!! Supposedly that announcement is common knowledge now so hopefully this is ok....

Elder Peacock

PS.  I had a lot of cool pictures to send, but only one would load…

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