Monday, November 11, 2013

Uno Ano!

So now I actually have a year, everyone just needs to calm down.  [I don’t know what he’s talking about.  I’m couldn’t be more calm!]

So Elder Belnap (My MTC comp) is now my Zone Leader and so he did a work visit on Thursday so that we could burn our shirt together.  For the record, we did work really hard and we didn't do it to mess around. [Like I ever have to worry about Tyler not working hard!]  But at one point, we walked by this school that was just getting out and there was a bunch of 7 and 8 year old to the 6'9" giant (for those of you who remember Elder Belnap [see MTC picture below]).   We stopped for a second and we were instantly swarmed by hundreds of these little Peruvian kids all staring up at Elder Belnap and the circle was just following us around when we started moving again.  The police actually had to come over and disperse the kids because they were taking up the entire road...haha it was so funny and really he is VERY tall so it was understandable for the Peruvians who think that the 6 foot tall guy [Tyler] is really tall.  They were in a huge surprise when they saw him for sure.  People are still asking me about him.  


[Nov, 2012:  I don’t think I need to clarify which one Elder Belnap is…]

But yes, we did burn the shirt and let's just say that shirts burn a whole lot easier than ties. it went up real fast and with just one match too...


So I know it was a short letter but I've gotta go. Till next week

Elder Peacock

P.S.  sooo about my year mark....Because of the mission changes in July, Elder Belnap (aka the “great white giant”) and I were looking at it and I’ll probably go home around October 17th or December 1st [missionaries have “transfer dates” every 6 weeks, so that would be the 6 week marks].   I can't tell you for sure, just thought I'd let you know that I think my halfway mark was actually a little bit different than my year mark so maybe you were all right...

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