Monday, February 10, 2014

He Speaks English!

hey everyone!

As a Zone Leader,  I already know the changes and I know that I'm staying here with Elder Limon.  My Zone, however, just got completely changed, including the boundaries.  I'll have a whole lot of people and areas to get to know so this should be interesting.  It should be a good change, though.


This week was good and we had another baptism, a guy named T*.  The guy is really awesome and probably one of the most prepared people I've ever taught because he was just ready to accept everything and really just wanted to change his life.  Also, he lived in Washington DC for 10 years so he speaks English fluently.  A lot of times I just talk to him in English.  We actually taught him once in English which was pretty weird.  It does not feel natural to do that.  At the baptism we met his son, also named T*, who then went to church the next day and he wants to get baptized too.  It'll be cool because his dad will be able to baptize him at that point.  It'll be really awesome.  

Things are going really well here and I'm excited to be here and keep working!

Love you guys!

Elder Peacock

P.S.  I got my packages, don't worry:   the 2 from Christmas and the
one you sent on the 22nd.  Getting packages is a perk of being a ZL.  I just get it ASAP and don’t  have to worry about it getting stuck anywhere. [Only of course, he JUST got that Christmas package that was sent 3 months ago, but who’s counting?]

P.P.S.  Why does Bryce have my helmet?IMG_20140208_173112_585

[this is in response to this picture of his brother gearing up for broomball last weekend…]

Mom:  Wow! Good eye! His helmet is being recertified... He was wishing he had had little helmets for his knees tho, cuz they got hammered

Elder Peacock:  did he mess up my helmet?  I’d recognize that thing from a mile away

Mom:  What could he possibly do to it that you didn't already do to it on the field!? Haha

Elder Peacock:  well I don’t know....i just love that thing....

[If I time it “just right” we can have a mini conversation while he’s online.  You know, for important things like this.]

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