Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Walking in Circles

Hey everyone!

So like I said last week, we had a wedding and a baptism for this week and all went well! Kind of.  As far as our family it was good, but there was going to be another family that has a phantom birth certificate. It really just doesn't seem to exist anywhere even though we know it does exist because they had a copy of it that they had lost and now we think its in a little town up the river that just happens to not have a phone number.  This is going to be interesting.  Sometimes I don't like doing paperwork....


So, we had been teaching this family like 2 months ago, but the dad  just did not want to get married.  The mom had been going to church for like a month straight.  He is a less-active member and part of a ginormous family that are almost all members.  He hadn't been to church in years and really didn’t show much interest in going or doing much of anything so we just had to stop visiting them.  Then, one Sunday about 3 weeks ago, they both showed up to church which really surprised us, and we passed by their house that night.  He said that when he woke up that morning, he heard a voice telling him to go to church.  So he did.  And then, out of nowhere, he said that he wanted to get married on the 17th because he wanted to get married on his birthday which was kinda weird but I mean if that's what he wants... So got it set and had their marriage this week and her baptism at 7 in the morning so that he could be there for his now wife’s baptism before he went to work for the whole day.  He's still not going to church constantly but he's definitely opening up more all the time.


Other than all of that stuff happening, this week was a fairly normal week just walking around in circles (we have a tiny area).  Two weeks until changes and it's possible that I will stay here for the last change of Elder Limon’s mission and then send him home...or I could leave and go basically anywhere.  I really have no idea which it will be but I think if I stay here for for another 3 months I will literally go crazy.  Did I mention that it's a really small area?  Part of me wants to stay here with Elder Limon and another part of me does not want to stay here for that much longer because I feel like I've literally talked to every person in this area.


And, we had a service day where we worked as carpenters which is a lot of fun! GUINEA PIG!!! [at first I did not understand the guinea pig reference, and then I realized he’s wearing the shirt I sent him, although it’s hard to tell with his arms folded!]


Elder Peacock

Alma 26:12

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