Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Adventure Time


Hey everyone!

So this week we had a pretty big adventure!  We went further than any other missionary has ever gone before...as far as I'm aware, anyway.  We travelled out to a place called San Alejandro which is 110 km away on the highway headed to Lima in order to get a birth certificate which couldn’t just be sent to us.  Usually you can just call the "municipalidad" (English word? I don’t know) and they’ll send it to you, but this place doesn’t even have a phone number.  I think that I just realized that 110 km isn’t really that far, but when you’re in the Amazon jungle, it seems pretty far.  In America we could make that trip in like 40-50 minutes, but here it took an hour and a half.  So we just got in a car and took it out there, waited around for a while, got the partida and came back.  So it wasn’t really all that exciting but it was a new place where missionaries have never been before and I’m fairly certain that a majority of those people had never seen white people before-- especially because they were all staring at me and the half Mexican ginger.  Haha it still strikes me as strange that he [his companion, Elder Limon] is the Latin one.  Everyone tries to say his last name an English way "lie"mon and I always just tell them that his dad is Mexican and they’re always really surprised.  But yeah, so a long morning of car rides and I got to see a new part of the jungle that is pretty rare.  

Other than that, this week was a pretty much another week in the life of a missionary here in the jungle.  That was definitely the most exciting thing that happened this week.  Elder Limon and I are just working hard and things have just started to go a lot better in our area even thought it is possible that I won’t be here to see it all get done or to be with Elder Limon when he finishes.  He's only got one change left and I think that I'm going to be leaving next change.  I really don’t know anything though and I have no idea where I would be going to.  I would be fine either way but if I stay that basically assures me that I would only have one area left in my mission.  That’s weird to think that I already have so little time left, and that I would have so few areas.  I’ve kinda just stayed put for a while in each area I’ve been in for my whole mission.  So I won’t be surprised if it happened here too.  I mean its only been like 4 and a half months here and if I stay it will be at least 7 and a half months here.  I've never really gotten bored in an area before but if I were to get bored in an area it would be this one because it's tiny.  I love it right now but we'd have to see in 3 months if i were to feel the same way.

Not really sure what else to tell you guys about, everything is going well out here, I'm happy and healthy and even though the people in the clinic know me.  I never go there for myself, just for other missionaries in the zone, 3 times this week... I’m not a huge fan of Peruvian clinics...haha love you guys!

Elder Peacock

PS Talk to you in like 2 weeks!!! I'll let you know the details next week.  [Missionaries get to call home on Mother’s Day]

PPS You probably don’t believe me, but this soup was really good. The fish is called carachama.  It’s pretty common here.

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