Tuesday, May 20, 2014

No Pizza This Week, Negotiations and Impromptu Training

This week was good.

On Monday we were going to go get Pizza Hut because it had been open for a couple of days.   [He told us about this during our Mother’s Day call.  He and Elder Limon were pretty excited for it to open.  Apparently, the only other “American” fast food they have available is Kentucky Fried Chicken].  We got there and they started making excuses.  Long story short they lied to us and we did not get any pizza.  [Huh? Pizza Hut is open but they don’t have any pizza?  I think we needed a little more of the story…]   I was really excited about getting to try some pizza.  Well, there’s always chicken to eat...

Recently the place where we’ve been doing weddings has become really difficult--throwing on more and more stuff for us to do while at the same time raising the prices.  So we started looking for a new place to do the weddings.  That was an interesting process to negotiate requirements and what we need to be responsible for and just finding ways to make it work.  It was a lot of “I scratch your back and you scratch mine”.  We’re setting up meetings and figuring out how to make it more convenient.  It’s actually really interesting and fun to do.  I feel like this will be a useful skill to be able to negotiate things like this so that we both win.  [I really had to work to make this paragraph intelligible.  The Spanish syntax is invading the English and winning.]

This week we had a meeting with the Stake President [church leader of a region] and we decided to have a training with the Ward councils [the leadership council of a local congregation] yesterday to start putting some systems in practice in the stake.  All good.  We (the 4 Zone Leaders) had planned to be there in primarily a support role.   However, when the meeting was about to start, the Stake President handed us a few documents and told us that we are training on it.  Five minutes later we were up there in front talking to the whole stake about some papers we saw for the first time like 5 minutes before.....haha! It went pretty well all things considered, but it was a bit of a surprise and definitely a bigger audience than what I am used to.  

Other than that, everything is fairly normal and not much is all that new.  All is good with me and I'm really happy to be here.  I love you guys!!!

Elder Peacock

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