Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Few More Circles Around Pucallpa


Ok, so long story short: I’m staying put again which means that I will be the last companion of Elder Limon [he is completing his mission and returning home in 6 weeks].  It also means that I will have the best possible Mother’s Day call because Pucallpa has the best internet connection in all of the jungle here, which is good. I was afraid that I was going to go back to Iquitos which probably has the worst connection [as I can well attest after last year’s frustrating Mother’s Day call made from Iquitos!].

This week was good and I am happy to be here.  We went to Iquitos this week for our Leaders Council.  It was a really cool council and we’re really starting to change things up.  They had been somewhat the same since President Gomez had gotten here and now there are a lot of things changing up which really is a good thing.  Not really all that much to tell you guys, it all seems somewhat similar when I walk around in circles for a while in the same blocks all the time.  We do have an investigator right now named E* who had an accident a few years ago and now lives on crutches.  He’s a really cool guy and a really good learner.  

I will just apologize now for the shortness of this email, but just remember that we will talk for 30-40 minutes on Skype this Sunday.  Love you guys and hope you have a spectacular week!!!

Elder Peacock

P.S.  We got to have a pre-call phonecall yesterday with Elder Peacock.  I only hung up on him once (oops!!) in my excitement.  It is pretty startling to hear his voice saying “Hey Mom!” like he just talked to me last week when in reality it’s been nearly six months since I’ve heard it.  I do love that boy-man!

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