Monday, October 20, 2014


Hey everyone!

It was another good week, with more of the same as usual.   We have changes this week and Elder Anderson is ending, which means that I have a new companion.  He got here on Wednesday so that he could be trained as the new assistant.  His name is Elder Murphy.  He's from Utah and we were out in Nueva Cajamarca together for one change.  When we divided the area, he was in the other half so I already know him pretty well.  He's a really cool guy and I'm excited for this transfer.  It's weird though.  When I started the mission, there was not a single companionship with 2 North Americans together, and for the last year of my mission, I will only have a Latin companion for 5 weeks, I wasn’t even with him for a full transfer—it’s really kinda interesting. 

This week, we finished up with the interviews of the 4 zones in Iquitos and we also changed houses.  The 6 elders in the offices live together so we need a somewhat big place to live, but we don't need it too big because we don't spend too much time there.  On my birthday, we were in interviews and I had lunch with President.  A little bit later I did have a cake that my pensionista made for me—which was actually really good. 


Yesterday, I got my package which was pretty nice. Thanks mom!! There has been a strike by the postal service here and they got out of it yesterday and one of the only things that they actually had already was my package--funny how that worked out! 


I definitely made those transformers things and I haven’t gotten to anything else though.  They seem like gifts for children, which they really are but it was really a fun little thing [What do you send a missionary for his birthday on the brink of coming home?  Matchbox cars, transformers, legos & socks.  Throw in some do-it-yourself goodies for good measure.  What are your ideas?  I’ll have another missionary out in a year or two…]  We'll see if we can find the way to make those cupcakes.  Ovens aren’t exactly a common thing down here.  We do have a microwave though, so we'll see if that works... could be interesting.


We have another big group coming in this change so we’ll have a lot to do this week.  I get to watch Conference today and tomorrow.  Last week we had the visit of Elder Uceda and it was really cool.  He spoke very directly and very emphatically to everyone.  He was the mission president here a while ago and he is the Area President right now.  There were 5 stakes here before and now there are 3.  At times the wards and stakes are somewhat immature, so he spoke very directly to everyone.  It was a real eye opener for everyone, in a good way. 

So I really don't have too much to least I am sending pictures right?  [Right!]  As can be seen, I was somewhat confused by the origin of the package... also SOCKS!?!?! haha  [Wait!  What’s wrong with socks??]

Love you guys, hope you have a great week!

Elder Peacock

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