Saturday, October 11, 2014

I’m Not Dead

Although it's been a while since I've written, I promise that I'm not dead and I'm not dying either.  I've just been really busy and I haven't exactly had a P-day in a while.... today I get like 2 hours of P-day and I wont get one next week either.  I'm really loving it, though.

Since I last wrote you guys, we had the Mission Leadership Council (I don’t know if that’s  actually how it is said in English).  In preparation, I revised all of the instruction manuals for the leaders.  I updated content and checked for spelling and grammar stuff, things of that sort.  It was really long and somewhat boring for the most part.  The Council itself  was a good meeting and it went pretty well. 


This is NOT actually a picture of Tyler’s trip…it’s a stock photo.

After that meeting, we went straight out to Pucallpa that Friday.  We were there for the weekend and President interviewed the missionaries out there.  It is strange because we did it on Saturday and Sunday.  That weekend the elections were held here in Peru and that means that there could not be any formal meetings that day so there were no church meetings on Sunday.  It was a nice short trip out to Pucallpa and we got back to Iquitos on Monday, only to leave again on that same day just a little bit later to head out to Tarapoto for more interviews.  We spent Tuesday through Friday driving from Tarapoto to Yurimaguas then back to Tarapoto and then to Moyobamba, Nueva Cajamarca, Rioja and Soritor and then all the way back to Tarapoto.  We flew back to Iquitos on Friday afternoon, arriving that night. 

There wasn't all that much that happened in that trip except for lots and lots of driving and sitting.  Driving and sitting.  Always accompanied by lots of talking about important things.  Who would have that that so much sitting could be so tiring? 


This IS actually a picture of Tyler’s meal…it’s NOT a stock photo.

One day with President we went to go eat lunch out in Rioja and I got some cuy, or for those of you that don't speak Spanish: guinea pig.  It was really pretty good!  Just think twice before showing these pictures to the Payne children.  You did ask for pictures right? haha President Gomez also ate cuy so it can’t be that strange can it?  When I'm with president for the interviews, I either stay in the outside office talking to the companion of the missionary in interview or I go around to check the rooms of the missionaries for cleanliness [the idea that he could be a good judge of the cleanliness of others just KILLS me!!!] or to see if there is anything they need—to make sure their rooms are fit for missionaries.  But yeah, we got back to Iquitos yesterday at like 7pm.


We also had a visit this week from Elder Uceda who is the Area President and Elder Godoy who is an Area Seventy to attend the Stake Conference [a regional conference of members] of the Iquitos Stake because they are going to change some boundaries [members are assigned to wards (congregations) based on where they live] and a Stake Presidency [regional administrative leaders] as well.  I asked President Gomez if they would meet with missionaries while here in Iquitos and he said he didn’t think so because they would be so busy with all of the other meetings that they had already scheduled.  Of course, yesterday at about 10:45 we got a call from President Gomez saying that Elder Uceda wants to meet with all of the zone leaders the next day for a few hours....well it woulda been nice if we had a little more notice, but what are you going to do?  We got in here in to get everything ready and we had our meeting with him which was really cool.  There were 14 of us in there in total so it was pretty cool to be having a meeting with such a small group of people and a General Authority [aka Mormon rockstars].  This weekend we have more meetings with the Stake Conference and more interviews all week.  I'll finally get to see General Conference [semi-annual worldwide broadcast last weekend] next Saturday and Sunday.  So late to see conference...kinda weird!

Well, I love you guys, I hope you have a great week and I should be able to find a moment to write next week because at least I’ll be here in the city.  Oh, I will also receive my new companion this week (he'll come in a week before the changes) so that should be interesting.

Elder Peacock

Alma 26:12


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