Monday, March 11, 2013

Captivity Take 2

So they burned his neck again.  The other half this time.  So I can only leave if we have the people to divide, but pretty much the whole time we couldn't divide because the people who usually do and are awesome are about to leave on missions so they're a little preoccupied with the whole mission thing and interviews and whatnot.  So, it's been a rough couple of days.  yesterday we went to church and came home and that was it...let's just say I've read the entire standard works a couple of times, my shoes have never been shinier, and my desk is now more organized than anything I've ever owned before. 


The picture was not my idea nor does it even have our whole zone...but that's what I had...Like our jerseys?

No baptisms again this week but we're really only waiting on paperwork so a couple of families can get married.  One of them is still waiting on a birth certificate, but we just have to wait for it.  We think the other one is going to get done this week.  And, we think we have another one to get started on with the guy that was in the hammock.  Really, with all three of these families I really feel like all we've had to do is tell them what they should be doing and then they're on top of it and just so prepared. 

With the family that we think will be ready this week, we were walking at the end of our area in like the middle of January-- going to an appointment that we had, and it was scorching hot.  This guy stopped us and asked Elder Duran if he was from Honduras or Guatemala.  Well, it was neither, but nobody knows about El Salvador here.  He asked us to wait there for a second and he left...about 30 seconds later he comes back with some cokes.  He then tells us that his brother joined the church a while back and was living in the same home at that time so this guy (Dimitrow) had heard a little bit of it and wanted to know more.  So we came back and the whole family instantly knew it was true.  It's like they already knew, we were just reminding them what they had forgotten. That family is awesome and I'm sure I've mentioned them before but I thought I'd just throw this out with a little bit of hindsight.

It is so easy to see the people that are prepared for the gospel.  We teach plenty of people that don't accept it, but when we find the ones that are willing to accept it it's completely different.  They're so much more accepting and just want to do the things that they should and they really don't have any problems with changing their lives.  That's not to say that if someone doesn't instantly accept everything that we teach that they're not ready and that we're not going back but it's just awesome to see how prepared that some people really are to accept this gospel and to really change their lives.  God really is not far from each one of us.  That includes you.  I'm talking to all of you and each of you individually.  God knows and loves you and that's why we have this gospel and this church and most importantly our Savior Jesus Christ. 

Love you guys and thanks for everything!

Also shout out to mom! I've heard lots of good things about the blog!

Thanks, love you!!

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