Monday, March 25, 2013

The Computer Ate My Letter

[It was going to be a good one too!]

Hey everybody,


So this week was a good week.  On our Pday last week we went to Quisto Cocha which is basically a zoo but in a cool area on the river, that's where that picture of me on the river is.  I got to play with a snake and eat zuri which is a tree slug and tastes like coconut.  


So mom I have to apologize, I finished my letter and almost all of it got deleted and I have no more time left today so I'll have to tell you about everything that happened this week next week, which really is a bummer because I had a lot to tell you this week.  We had the wedding of two families that we had waited forever for and then the baptisms of those families this week.  It was really awesome crazy and busy.  I even had another awesome story about a rat in a lesson but I'll have to tell you about that next week.  I'm really sorry, it was a good letter too.  I do love you guys and I'll tell you about change next week too.  I promise to have a really long letter next week for you guys.


[No picture is complete without the obligatory missionary “thumbs up”.  Why is that?]

Elder Peacock

P.S.  [Extracted from other emails to family members…]

Regarding the picture of alligator last week:  yes that was alligator meat, we ate it cooked and it looks like chicken cooked.  It's a firm meat with a flavor crossed between chicken and fish. I loved it. The picture was taken before it was cooked [apparently, no frosting involved.]  It cooked before eaten don't worry.  

Everything tastes like chicken.

Apologize to Eva for me [the kids all cried looking at the pictures of the cute little critters he’s been eating].

Happy Easter to you all too! They celebrate a week of it here....Semana Santa...Has nothing to do with santa clause.

btw changes today and I had a dream that we’re both staying put.

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