Monday, March 18, 2013

More Fun with Food

Hey everybody,


So honestly at this point, I still don't know what I'm going to write about...The week started off with a couple of days of still not being able to really leave the room which was no fun.  By Wednesday we could go out as long as it wasn't raining because apparently rain causes infection? I guess it's a good thing I'm not a doctor.  So we went out in the morning and are out for a little while and then out of nowhere the sky became completely covered by clouds and it starts raining about as hard as I've seen it here. We were right next to the house of the ward mission leader so we had to go and stay in there until the rain stopped....just when I thought I was going to get out and get to work.  But then we did get to go back out that afternoon and night because it had stopped raining.

But this week in all honesty was somewhat frustrating.  A whole lot of knocking doors and a whole lot of people that aren't there for appointments that we have with them. It's definitely a different culture here as far as schedules and timing goes.  Not a lot of people are very precise with their schedules "oh yeah, we'll be here at that time, we're always here..."  haha somewhat frustrating and makes it a whole lot harder to plan.  Also about 75% of the time we find women and children which wouldn't be a problem but we're not allowed to teach them or even go in unless there is an adult man there too and they're working more often than not.  Also, everyone here takes trips to work or just to take a trip for about half of the year....what is that? I've still yet to figure out why you would live here with your family when you have to go back to Lima for like half of the year to work. I mean why not just live in Lima? everything is cheaper there anyways...

So we were in a lesson yesterday with a guy whose wife and kids are members and we invited him to baptism and he said yes but he wanted to wait and give it some time to see if the path that his family was on was really the path God wanted him to follow.  We then asked him how he thought he could know it was the path that God wanted him to follow and he said 2 things: prayer and repentance.  So we talked about how if he wanted to know that it was the path he needed to ask God and that in order to fully repent he needed to be baptized and we said it in a much more eloquent manner but I'm short on time and I have another point to make.  If you ever want to know if you're doing the right thing or following the path God wants you to, ask him and repent.  This investigator who is not very religious knew that and it was awesome.  Repent and you'll receive the spirit more strongly and be able to recognize the promptings of the spirit more easily.  This is by no means directed at anyone or anything in specific, just a general statement that hopefully will help someone out there receive an answer to a question.


Also, that is alligator [picture above—what is that white stuff?  Is it frosting?  cream cheese? Is it an alligator cake?  This is a mystery to me!] that I ate and that is a turtle leg [the first picture above] and there was also a head [below] that you should be able to see.  Happy St Patty's day? Eat green :)


Elder Peacock

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