Monday, March 4, 2013

Tortuga, Mono y Cui



So this week was pretty good.  On Tuesday night, Elder Duran had to go to the doctor for a checkup on his neck so we had to divide for a few hours.  So I went with the bishop's son to an appointment with a guy who lives with all members and we had been teaching for like 2 weeks.  We talk to his wife who is a member and apparently, his job called that morning and he is now in Yurimaguas for who knows how long to work and left that same morning in a boat to travel 3 days on the river...haha, what the heck! 

We were going back to meet Elder Duran at 9 back at the house and we were far away so we took a motokar.  So I get out and everything is normal and so I pay the motokarista and start talking to him.  It starts to sprinkle a little, I didn't think much of it so we keep talking and about 5 seconds after it started sprinkling I was in the middle of a torrential downpour.  But I was talking to the guy so I talked to him for a little bit longer, invited him to church, and other missionary stuff and then jumped over the river that had already formed between me and the sidewalk to get to the house....I was absolutely drenched.  In the space of about 30 seconds, I went from completely dry to absolutely soaked.

Then (I think it was Wednesday), we had an appointment with a family that we've been teaching for a while that should have a baptism in 2 weeks and they're pretty much always there...nobody...

So we go to find this reference that we received that is supposedly always home....nobody....

So we start walking and we're in an area that we've walked through about a thousand times.  We stop at this house that we'd passed a hundred times and knock on the door that was open, this guy (named Alan) appears in a hammock that I thought was empty.  He invites us in and we start talking.  He explains that he is always working during the day and that it was a freak occurrence that he was there in the day.  We've taught him a couple times since then and he really loves to learn and he's really excited about everything, and wants us to teach his wife as well.  So I think it's safe to say we didn't expect to find him that day, but that's where we were supposed to be.  Sometimes we don't understand why things happen but the Lord always has a plan and His hand really is in all things.  Sometimes we just need some patience and perseverance.


Also, the title of the email...All three were consumed this week.  Grilled Cui (Guinea Pig) and then one meal with this awesome family who knew I wanted to eat some interesting stuff gave us Monkey soup and turtle with veggies.  Honestly it was all delicious. 


And yes in the soup, that is a monkey i didn't actually eat the hand.


And the turtle (pictured) was about what you’d expect. Guinea pig was like better chicken.

Love you guys!
Elder Peacock

[Mom’s note:  This email inspired some gastronomical one-upmanship from the elder elders at my house.  See HERE.  If you dare.]

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