Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fool’s Day?

yeah, it's not celebrated here. Not that I have a cool story there but it's just not.  Anyways, this week was good.

First off, I did not get transferred, neither did Elder Duran.  So we're both here until next transfers and then it's almost for sure that one of the two of us is getting transferred, but in all reality, we have no idea which of us it will be.  There's a couple of weeks before that happens anyways.  And for the record, we actually get to see all of conference this weekend, I didn't really expect to get to see all of it but that should be awesome.

So this week, Pres. Blunck came to Iquitos for a training and at the end of it he answered questions about the mission Iquitos.  When it splits on July 1, we'll stay where we are so the transfers in the middle of June will decide where I go and he doesn't yet know all of who will go and who will stay.  I have a feeling I'm going to be staying in Iquitos.  But when the mission splits, the part in Lima will gain 2 stakes and the mission Iquitos will start opening up areas like crazy and then who knows where I could end up. 

After the training, Pres Blunck asked Elder Duran and I if he could come on splits [splits are when a missionary companionship split up and go with others to a lesson] with us and of course we said yes.  Elder Duran went with Pres and I went with Brother Gibb, who is a friend of Pres Blunck from the states who was visiting and doesn't speak any Spanish.  In all honesty he kinda reminded me of dad with his means of trying to explain himself (ie. asking for a check through gestures and talking louder), it was kinda funny.  But we went to the family that was baptized and not confirmed last week to teach a lesson and it was kinda cool.  I basically taught the whole lesson but at the end I translated his testimony for him. 

The whole time, he was just absolutely amazed by everything.  The homes, the people, the motokars, the buildings, the jungle, and everything else.  I guess being here for a few months I have forgotten that this is not like the US.  I have kinda convinced myself that this is all normal and there's not much different, which is true...for Peru.  But I guess it is a bit of a shock at first coming here and it is impossible to explain the fact that there is a huge city in the middle of the jungle.  It just doesn't translate. 

Also this week was semana santa and it's definitely a lot different here.  On Friday, I went out onto the balcony and looked because I heard like a megaphone outside.  There were just thousands of people in the street walking.  They just walk around all day following a guy dressed up as Jesus and every single one of them is wearing purple.  And then Sunday night just turns into a party...haha not exactly the reverent Easter Sunday I'm used to back home.

Love you guys and thanks for everything,
Elder Peacock

PS no package yet, hopefully next week :)

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