Monday, April 29, 2013

Happy Monday!!

So I'm finally writing you all on a Monday for the first time in a while.  There was almost another hiccup today but that is a long story for another time. 

This week was good.  On Monday we had the interviews with Prez and the room checks and for those of you (Dad) who don't seem to believe me, our place is very clean and we passed with flying colors so just accept that I'm living in a clean room now for all of you that seem to doubt me because I'm sure there's more than one of you (Mom).

Hey our place is so clean it is ridiculous....except for the ceiling of the bathroom where there are about 1000 spiders but I've just decided I'm not going to worry about that part.

On Tuesday we went back to Quisto Cocha and got eaten by mosquitos all day.  I've decided that repellant doesn't help at all and might actually make it worse...but anyways it was pretty much the same as before with animals and the beach so I guess that's not all that interesting.  Although there is an evil cat that wants to kill everything and is kept in the smallest cage ever and there are monkeys that try to steal anything they can get their hands on (watch, glasses, nametag, shirt, skin, etc...)


On Thursday we basically ran around with our heads cut off because we had a wedding that afternoon and we needed this medical clearance basically saying that they're not on the verge of death.  We had planned to just go to this clinic and have it done that morning because some other stuff we had planned to do fell through--it was basically national day off for all we had tIMG_1064[1]o run around looking for some clinic with a doctor who would sign the certificates.  Eventually we found one that could do it but that was very stressful.  So then that afternoon we had the wedding of Eduardo and Mary A*.  Their baptism was this Saturday with their kids Milagros and Agustin.




In their service there were the 4 of them and Josue who recently turned 8 and is the son of one of our converts from the previous month.  His Dad got to baptize him which was really awesome.  After Josue, then the A* family was baptized.  Agustin went first and got cold when he got out of the water so he, being a kid, got back in the water.  Every time we got him out, he got back in...haha.  It was somewhat frustrating but it's fine.   It was a really cool service and pretty much the entire ward was there and there was a party afterwards for them.  It was awesome.

So we have transfers next week and Elder Duran has decided that he's leaving so he's basically announced to everyone that he's leaving the wards...haha that's not even for sure and just for that I kinda hope that I leave and he stays just because it would be kinda funny.  Although in all likelihood I'm staying here for a while which is ok because I love these wards and everything.


Elder Peacock

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