Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I’m a Legal Peruvian Now

Hey, so it's been quite a while since I was last able to write and I don't even remember a lot of what happened for the past 2 weeks so I'll just start with why I couldn't write last week.

It was Sunday night (April 7th) at like 1030 and I was in bed and all was good.  The phone rang and Elder Duran answered it talked for a minute and then handed it to me.  It was the zone leaders and Elder Muniz asked me: "how was your last day in Iquitos?" It was in Spanish but since he's a gringo I figured he had just said it wrong and meant how was my day so I told him it was good.  Then he repeated the question putting emphasis on LAST... Then he proceeded to explain how with the missions splitting, Prez wants to get new people trained for the offices so that there are people in both missions with experience and that I had an emergency transfer to the offices and that I was leaving the next morning and I needed to get my suitcase ready.  He went on for about 10 minutes with that and got me convinced...yeah, he was lying.  I did have to go to Lima but to do paperwork so I wouldn't be illegal. I had to leave that next morning and go do paperwork all that day and come back that night.  I did, however, get some big news.  When I came back that night, I brought the rest of my stuff that I had left in Lima because I'm going to be staying in the jungle for some time.  I will be serving in the mission Perú Iquitos...supposedly.  Nothing is actually for sure but I do have all of my stuff here because I'm supposed to stay here.  So, unless something crazy happens, I'm staying in Iquitos or some other part of the jungle.

Then yesterday I had to go back to Lima again to finish my paperwork and I now have a Peruvian ID, so I'm officially Peruvian now.  

Ok, so conference.  We got to watch all of conference and I got to watch it in English with Elder Muniz and Elder Overstreet who are in my zone and also gringos.  So we had our nice little gringo party in a little side room which was nice because I heard it in Spanish too and it's just not the same with different voices--it doesn't have quite the same feel.  My favorite talks were probably Elder Holland of course, President Uchtdorf, and President Packer.  Although I've figured out that they're all awesome and conference is much more significant now than it was before, so if you may not have taken conference as seriously as you could have; read, listen, or watch them again. Especially if you don't think it applied to you specifically, you can find some really cool stuff that can apply to you even if it's not directed at you. President Packer is actually one of my favorite speakers because he just speaks with power.  Not that his voice is strong nor does he just rip into us, but he just has a way about him that I've always loved.  I'll invite you all to watch his talk from this conference and that of the previous conference as well on the atonement.

So I don't have too much time left but Mom I did get the package the Thursday after my last email [WAHOO!] and I have since eaten all of the nutter butters, dove chocolate, sweet tarts, fruit rope, cliff bars and mentos.  I still have a jar and a half of peanut butter left which is awesome.   I believe it was opened but I think it was all there.  Can't send pictures right now but I think it was all there.  I also may not be able to write next week, we have interviews with Prez on Monday so we may not get time to write....3 P-days in a row.... haha. [Well, at least we’ve been warned.]

I love you guys and I hope all is well.  

Elder Peacock

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