Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Peru Care Package #2

Well, in the absence of a letter thus far this week from Elder Peacock, let’s take a peek at what was in the package we mailed out on May 16th. 


This is my favorite part.  Guinea pig tshirt (in honor of his exotic diet).  I love it so much!  Totally practical.  I’m so afraid it’s going to get stolen out of the box, so I made Bryce put it on for a picture so at least we can send him the picture if it doesn’t make it. 


  • A journal that his older brother picked out.  When Justin was on his mission, he made a book of pictures—all of his baptisms and each of his companions, including pertinent facts and stories, etc.  It’s a great idea and Tyler wants to do the same thing but was having a hard time finding one that would work well.
  • Inside the journal are some newspaper clippings of things he might find interesting.
  • An “expensive” tie…from Ross Dress for Less.  Missionaries love ties.  I stocked up so I can send him one in each package.  This one replaces the one he burned at the 6 month mark.
  • Cinnamon.  He was lamenting how expensive it was.  99 cents at Target.  USA! USA!
  • Pop Tarts.  Umm, no explanation needed, me thinks.


  • PB & J.  It’s the simple pleasures that are missed.


  • Tyler loves legos.  I figured it might be fun to give to kid he’s teaching.  I like to send little toys at Christmas time to give out.  It makes the missionary feel like Santa Claus!  That feeling is totally better than getting stuff they really don’t need anyway.
  • Good old American junk food for filler.  Sometimes there just is no substitute.  AND, thanks to all those preservatives, I know it will all be just as good in 3 months when he finally opens it!

Total value of contents:  about $100. 

Cost to mail to Peru:  $77.95

I love him, but he’s not gonna get a lot of these.

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