Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Time is a Fickle Friend


First of all, What does fickle mean? I know it's a phrase but I have no idea what I'm actually saying here...Anyway, this week was interesting and I noticed that a lot of the stuff happened this week had to do with time.  And another question, what did I do with my time before the mission?? I will invite each of you to think of what you do with your time and to just make sure you focus on the most important thing and be productive.

First off, my watch died...not the battery but the whole watch just doesn't work which makes life very difficult as a missionary because I don't carry around a cell phone or any other means of telling time without my watch (aside from my comp).  So that was somewhat annoying but I'm working on the whole watch situation now. 

Then, last week was the last week of the transfer and there was one Elder and one Sister finishing their missions from our zone of 10.  Both of them had been in the zone since I started here and I could just see how weird their last week of the mission was.  It was weird to see them go for their "transfers" when you know that their just going to their homes and you're not going to see them again.


Then, this Saturday we got a call at night and got told that our changes got moved up a day and that we would receive them on Sunday and make the changes on Monday (one day earlier than usual) and that was somewhat stressful because we had to shift some things around and now we have P-day today instead of Monday again (just for this week).  But after 3 changes together in the same area (abnormally long for the mission apparently) we got changed.  Well, Elder Duran got a change to Lima to stay in that mission and I'm still in my area now with Elder Bravo.  Elder Bravo is from the group that I entered the field with so we were in the MTC together and he's from Santiago Chile.  He's awesome and it's going to be great.  I'm also now District Leader, which was a huge surprise and should be interesting.  Should be a good transfer.

Also, today is my 6 month mark, which is weird.  I don't feel like I've been here for 6 months yet...

I love you guys and thanks for everything!!

Elder Peacock

PS Mothers day this week [that means a phonecall/Skype!!]

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