Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Little Rain

Hello Everybody!

So my week was good, still working hard with Elder Bravo here. We had a couple of baptisms this week and 3 of my favorite experiences this week. I can’t really explain to you all why they’re my favorite experiences because really it’s a “had to be there” thing so I’m not really going to try to explain them, but I’ll probably mention them….maybe….

So I’ll start with the one from Thursday morning. So we finish our weekly planning that morning at like 12 and have an appointment with an investigator about 8 blocks away, so not too far but still a good walk from where we were. At that time, it started raining a little bit, but I didn’t think too much of it because it’s Iquitos and there’s almost always rain, imminent rain, or it’s just stopped raining.  The alternative is:  blistering heat. So we left and I thought it would be nice and light so I didn’t bother with my raincoat. Then, the moment we got into the street, a torrential downpour came and I could not see a thing. Literally.  In about 10 seconds I was completely soaked through all layers and even down into my waterproof boots. Then we had about 7 and a half blocks left to walk, and the rain didn’t stop. It was actually a lot of fun, I’m not going to lie.  There was only one problem…my planner. Got absolutely destroyed with water and couldn’t use it for a few days. But we got there and taught the lesson, still completely soaked. It was awesome.


On Saturday, we had a baptism of a family…kind of. The dad and oldest son didn’t want much of anything to do with it but we did get the dad to come to the baptism, hoping it would motivate him. (It didn’t yet) But the baptism was awesome, even though we had one priesthood holder show up to the baptism with about 30 women and children. Luckily, that 1 priesthood holder was part of the bishopric. But it was somewhat interesting because both Elder Bravo and I were baptizing so I had to serve as witness with a towel. These wards are very different than those of the US. Just not as strong, especially in terms of the priesthood. Now for the part that was awesome. After the baptism, they bore their testimonies about how amazing the church is and how it’s true. But the older daughter broke down and just said that the church and the gospel are just answers to the prayers that she had had for years. It was really powerful. Hopefully the dad will open up and really start to listen to us.


So I know I told you that there were 3 experiences. But I’m not actually going to tell you about the third one. least not yet. I can’t really explain what happened but it was the best and I will just say that when people are prepared, they’re prepared, even if even they don’t know it yet.

I love you guys and I love being here.

Elder Peacock

P.S. we had a training with President Blunck on Monday which is why I didn’t write that day. I’m not dead.


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