Monday, October 28, 2013

Don’t Ask For It if You Don’t Want It

Hey everyone!

On Saturday morning we went with a member of the Church to go and meet a family that lives really far away so that we could teach them.  The family was really cool but to get there we had to go in a bus and then in a motokar.  At the end of the lesson, Elder Villar started talking about the rooster that they had that was right there.  Now for those of you in the states, it is very normal to have multiple roosters in your house here so that wasn’t weird at all.  But he just started talking about how much he likes roosters and that someday he wants to raise them.  So the dad gets up, unties the rooster, and gives it to Elder Villar.  He tells him that he wants him to have it.  Elder Villar kinda tried to say no, but I think he really wanted it.  I was just sitting there shaking my head trying to figure out what in the world was going on. So, I kinda just let it go because it would have been rude to have just straight up said no to the guy at that there we are, 30 minutes from where we live, with a rooster on the side of the road....I literally never would have pictured myself in that situation....but there we were.  


Then we were on the bus on the way back, Elder Villar with a rooster n his lap and really what are we supposed to do with a rooster? It's not like we can put it in our room and it's not like there is much of anything else we could do with it.  So, after the bus ride, we went to take it to a member’s house to leave it there.  Not sure where we go from here.  My suggestion was that we just eat it.  but I guess that won't everyone, I'd like you all to send me some interesting solutions to to this problem!  I'm sure that someone can think of something cool that I can do with it.  

What did we learn? If you don't really want something, don't ask for it because you just might get it.  Like a rooster.  If you talk about how cool a rooster is, his owner might just give it to you.  Such a strange situation.  


Oh, and I gave you all a picture of ziggy zappa.  They’re these giant ants that people eat here.  They’re usually cooked in butter and salt so really, at the end, you don't really taste the ant so much and it's more butter and salt.  It's really like popcorn and it's pretty good, with the coolest name ever.

Love you guys and have a good week

Elder Peacock


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