Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Well That Was Stressful

So this week was awesome...kinda.  There were just some really stressful days.

One of the missionaries in my district got sick on Tuesday night and we thought it wasn't anything serious, with just a headache.  But on Wednesday night, he had to go to the hospital because the pain was just getting worse and he really couldn't do anything.  Thursday morning I went out to visit him (20 min drive) to see what was really going on and he was really just in terrible shape.  He couldn’t even open his eyes because he was really sensitive to light and the pain just kept getting worse.  I took him back to the clinic because things were just getting worse.  It was a really long morning and after all of that, He was a little better and finally able to sleep and I left.  The next day, they had kept him for observation and all was good but Friday night he got worse all over again and the doctors had no idea what was wrong.  So, on Saturday morning he got sent to Tarapoto where they have better doctors to see what was going on.  I'm still not 100% sure what's happening with him but that was pretty stressful.  On top of that, he had to leave his companion who has like 2 weeks as a missionary with the other 2 missionaries in that city.  Uh, welcome to the mission? It was really just hard on everyone here especially because that missionary is the only one that actually knows the areas out there because the other 3 are new there... Really hoping he'll be able to come back...


On Saturday we had a baptism.  His name is M* and he's awesome. He had been taught by the missionaries for 16 years (on and off) and all of the members know him.  The rest of his family are already members of the church.  He just always told us he thought we were lying to him (with a hint of sarcasm) and when we asked about his prayers he always said that it was so-so.  But we kept helping him keep going with it and just one day we got there and asked about his prayers and he said it went well. I wasn't really prepared for that so I was just like just asking a little bit about it and he said yeah, I just felt happy and I think it's finally time for me to get baptized...haha well ok if you say so!  But I really just think that even though sometimes it takes a while, the Lord will always answer our prayers.  The Lord had really changed him and from what I know, really had to soften his heart to let him be able to finally feel the desire to join the church.  We always call each other Paisano because he's trying to convince me that he's really from New York...haha I have a hard time believing that but it was awesome.  Also we had the baptism at 7 AM because it was the only time he could do it on Saturday.  Let's just say that river water is really cold at 7 in the morning... but so cool to get to have the baptisms in the river.

Love you guys and hope you all have a great week!

Elder Peacock 

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