Monday, October 7, 2013

Sometimes It’s Bigger Than It Looks

Hey everyone,


So this time I think I actually got the pictures to send.  On Wednesdays, we always have service activities in the morning and this week this couple in the branch asked us to "subir" [English: to lift up] some things for them.  We were in their apartment with them and we thought that meant like some furniture up to the 3rd floor where they live...turns out that meant to carry some sand bags up a mountain for them...Haha.  Afterwards they told me that they were vague on purpose because they thought we wouldn't do it.  So yeah, 50 pounds of sand up a mountain. I was absolutely exhausted by the time we got to the top.  And the bar is one of those steel rods that you use to just make holes.  Looking up at the mountain from the bottom It looks pretty tall.  It feels a lot taller when you're carrying 50 pounds of sand up it and a steel rod.  I really loved it because it kinda took me back to summer workouts for football with the hill and weights and everything.  It was pretty cool, but it killed.


Conference was the best but a really stressful experience as well.  [General Conference occurs twice a year.  The leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints speak on inspired topics to a world wide membership via satellite.  We just exceeded 15 million members!  I can remember when we hit 10 million!  You can listen or view the talks HERE].

We were told that we were going to watch it in Nueva on Sunday all week so we went around telling everyone that and that it would start at 11.   So come Sunday morning, the signal wasn't working so we had to change it to go to Moyobamba (we could have stayed much closer 30 min v. 1hr but nobody wanted to listen to me)  but we had to run around like crazy people that morning to try to tell everyone that we were changing it and everyone was just mad at us (like I could control that) and then all the members that were already there just wanted to know why the missionaries were taking so long instead of helping us. 

It was just a very stressful morning but, the Sunday morning session may have been the best full session of conference that I've ever seen.  I really loved all of those talks.  My take away from conference is that a lot of times we see the Gospel as a way to not have problems in our lives but really that's not even what it is.  It really is just the power and the ability to be able to overcome the problems that are going to come in life.  So when we're doing what we're supposed to, we don't have to be surprised when problems come, we just have to keep doing what we're supposed to be doing.  That's really the only way that we'll be able to overcome those things.  When trials come, get closer to God, don't get further away.

I love being a missionary and love being here.

Love you guys,

Elder Peacock

PS I’ve been a missionary for 11 months today

PPS Transfers today

PPPS 1 week until my am I supposed to be a 20 year old?

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