Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Trainings and Paperwork


So this week was really cool.  I just didn’t get a lot of time to proselyte.  We had a day of trainings with President and another 2 half days doing marriage paperwork.  The training is cool, but I am not a huge fan of doing marriage papers--and by not a huge fan, I mean I actually do not like doing them at all and they just take forever sometimes...

This week we had a baptism! his name is J* and he's the best.  What I really saw with him is that he really moved from the darkness to the light.  His former life was terrible and when we taught him it was really like someone just turned a spotlight on in his eyes and that was just all that he wanted to do.  I also saw that to be able to leave from that IMG_2999style of life is difficult.  Satan really just doesn’t want to let someone like that go and I don’t know if I've seen anyone have so many trials and obstacles to change his life.  I literally don't think I could possibly describe all of the things that he has been through in these last few weeks and even less, this weekend.  All I can really say is that it was crazy.  He basically got jumped on Saturday night after his baptism--that's really a simplified version of it, but that's all I can really describe.  He's ok and everything, but it's just like Satan does not want to let people change that is for sure.  

This week that is coming up is going to be crazy.  We have Elder Grow (from the 1st Quorum of the Seventy) coming out this week so we have to organize a lunch, a meeting with the missionaries, a meeting with the stake, Elder Limon and I have to train in front of him, our Zone has a special musical number, and we have to make him a fruit basket.  A fruit basket!  That's not even a joke.  But yeah, it's a lot for right now.  Wednesday is going to be stressful.  Oh, also, we have to keep teaching the gospel, which has now become the stress relieving part of being a missionary, which is pretty cool.

I love you guys and I hope all is going well!!!!

Elder Peacock

Alma 26:12  "Con sus fuerzas, puedo hacer todas las cosas" [Translation:  In His strength I can do all things]

PS  In response to his dad’s letter, Tyler wrote:

It's been really wet down here too, seeing as its the rainy season here, which is good because if it's not raining here, it's just an oven...glad to be with the rain!!

The 2nd suitcase doesn’t even matter, I probably wouldn’t use any of that stuff anyways.  It's just an extra expense to send a 2nd suitcase out here.

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  1. My daughter is Hermana Estes - she is the "gringa" in the picture above! I found your son's mission blog on preparedtoserve.com. Your Elder must be her Zone Leader. Its so fun to read other missionaries letters serving in the same area - I love hearing more details. I am sure this makes me look like a total "blog stalker" and I am sure this will embarrass my daughter, but I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to post. I am grateful Hermana Estes has such wonderful zone leaders. - Elizabeth (hermanaestes.blogspot.com)