Monday, June 16, 2014

Bye Bye Limon!

Elder Limon is done and should be sitting in the offices right now, having finished his interview.  I imagine he’s now just waiting to go to Lima, arriving at the airport in Arizona at 12:21 local time tomorrow....

At this moment I am without a companion, but he will get here tomorrow.  I just got the email from the assistants for the zone and, as I thought, I am staying for at least another change here as Zone Leader.  My new companion will be Elder Romero and he is from Mexico.  From what I know, he is a really cool guy and I think we’re going to get along really well.

This week went really well.  We just spent the week working as normal with more exciting lunches because it was his last week.   We were getting ready to go out to work on Saturday in the afternoon for his last day of proselyting (we have language study after lunch because it’s hot in the jungle) and we get a call:  sick missionary.  We have to take them to the clinic.  Well, that was an interesting last afternoon of missionary work!  We would have done divisions [where companionships split up and go out with other missionaries or members] with them but they were sisters so that wasn’t possible.  We did get to go out for a few hours that night so it wasn’t like he lost all of that time, so that was good.  But yeah, tomorrow he will probably be reading this because he has heard so much about this blog from all of the new missionaries....SHOUT OUT TO LIMECITO!!!! 

Sorry for the short letter but I have no time today.  I had to do all of the informes and I have the changes to worry about so I’ll be sure to have more for next week.  But, you can all just know that I'm good and mom don’t worry, I’ve never been to the clinic here for myself and I will never get any toenail amputated or anything because I’ll just do it myself… that’s why I have a pocketknife right? haha joke? Love you mom!!!

[The last paragraph is in response to another missionary in Peru who sent word to his family that his toe had been amputated in the clinic.  Fortunately for all, it turned out to be a toeNAIL.  Note to all missionaries:  jokes do not travel well through email.  Do not worry your mothers unnecessarily.  Just sayin’.  I still get heart palpitations thinking of the time my older son sent me THIS EMAIL.]

Elder Peacock

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