Monday, June 23, 2014



(pictures:  Elder Limon send off)

After about 7.5 months with a white companion, I am finally with a Latin companion, as I told you all last week.  His name is Elder Romero and he is from Mexico from the city of Puebla, which is the same city as President Gomez.  Sadly, we have yet to make tacos but it is on our to-do list.  Authentic tacos with homemade everything.  Its gonna be nice, not gonna lie.  He has 16 months on the mission and he is 27 years old.  He’s a pretty old guy [it’s all relative in the mission world]but he's really smart and a really hard worker.  We're going to work really well together.


We are working really hard and things are going fairly well.  We had gone to the municipalidad to get maps made of the areas because the maps that we have don’t really work all that well right now and we’re doing some cool stuff with them.  Just thought that I would explain the picture.  

This week was really just full of lots of little adventures:  opening cocos while tracting, new missionaries in the zone and just lots of little things.  With the whole coco thing, someone gave us a couple of cocos.  So, then we were just walking around with cocos.  We decided that we were going to use that to get into houses to teach (not that it is all that difficult to do, but it just makes it a little more interesting).  I figured it would take a couple of houses at least to find someone with a machete that was willing to lend it to us for a minute.  But, the very first person that we asked was just like. “yeah! take it”!  So we did, cut open our coco, and then obviously talked to them about the gospel.  It was more interesting for sure.

Everything is going well and I’m happy to be here right now.  Not sure how much longer I will be here. but I’ll enjoy it while it lasts. 

Love you guys! Have a great week

Elder Peacock

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