Thursday, June 5, 2014

Dinner with Chino

[Email dated 6.2.14]

I don't really have any cool stories like I did last week to tell you guys.  But, here’s what I’ve got:

On Monday, Prez came out here to Pucallpa.  That night we had set up a dinner meeting with the Mayor of one of the Districts here in Pucallpa to see if we could make it easier for people to get married.  The Mayor’s last name is Chino Mori.  I thought that was just the best last name ever.  So, our meeting went really well and it looks like we've finally gotten through the worst of it, getting people married.  Nobody here really gets married if we aren’t giving them a little push in the right direction.  It had been getting harder and harder for while in another district that we were working with.  

We then had an interesting assignment to write some officialish documents to submit to the District council so that we could get something done.  It was something that President was sending them but he had us write it.  I don’t know why we are supposed to be qualified for that, but we went to work on it.  When Sister Gomez read it to revise it she said that we should be lawyers.  Now I know that that is not what I'm going to be but I thought that was funny.  

That was something really different and I had no idea how to do any of it when we started to try to get a deal worked out with them--like how would we even ask for help for this stuff? We just went around and started doing things, making friends and eventually figured it out.  We are just waiting on something official for this week.  

Sometimes you don't really need a plan, which is weird to think because we plan everything that we do as missionaries. Well, that was probably the most interesting thing that happened this week.

I love you guys and I hope you all have a great week!!

Elder Peacock

PS Pizza Hut is a great addition to Pucallpa!!

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