Sunday, July 20, 2014

Happy 4th of July

[Email dated 7/7/14]

I had a lot of pictures for this week to send you guys, but I forgot my camera in my room....whoops.

I had a pretty good food day on the 4th of July because I am an expert chef [who knew?].  For breakfast, I made french toast with real maple syrup on it.  At lunch, a member gave us a really good steak with this creamy sauce on it.  At night, I made western bacon cheeseburgers which were pretty delicious.  Turns out that cooking isn’t really all that hard [go figure!].  It may not be gourmet but it sure tasted good.  And we’re going to keep going with the good food because today we’re going to make some tacos with handmade tortillas and everything. [Tortillas are not very common in Peru.] And, if you all can believe it, I’m actually losing weight! haha 

So yeah, this week we went to Iquitos so we really didn’t have too much time here in Pucallpa and we didn’t actually get out to Campo Verde because we had a couple of things fall through.  This week we should be getting out there and it'll be interesting for sure.  While in Iquitos, we did a lot of stuff because usually we don’t have much of anything to do other than just follow around other missionaries.  This time we had to print off some maps of the areas and the wards which took a couple hours to be able to get all of the divisions done correctly. Then, the other day we were there, President asked me to take a missionary to the clinic which was another few hours and it was a lot busier than usual which was nice.  

So that’s about all that I have for you guys and I will have pictures for next week. I would say that I promise.....but really anything could happen....haha love you mom!!!

Elder Peacock

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