Tuesday, July 29, 2014

So…About that Date…

[Email dated 7/21/14]

Note:  for some reason this didn’t post originally so it’s out of order. 

This week was pretty much normal.  The attendance in the ward keeps growing and it has about doubled in the last 7 months that I have been here, so that’s good.  We have a bunch of baptisms for this Saturday so I’m pretty excited for that.  


This week we had interviews and room checks with President and Hermana Gomez.  So, the whole day I was going around in a car to all of the rooms in the zone with one of the assistants and it was fairly boring and just hot but fairly interesting.  At the end, I had my interview and now comes the awkward part:  3 months ago when I had my last interview, I had told him that I was going to extend until December and then it was changed a few days later so that I would get home in October.  In my interview, he asked me to extend until December and I said yes...so yeah...SURPRISE!   [Awkward isn’t quite my word for itSad smile.]

Anyway, after that the assistants took us to eat some more tacos, which just goes to show that if you’re with a Mexican, the tacos find you.  It’s pretty cool.


On Wednesday, we did service for this family.  The wife was baptized in January and the husband is getting baptized on Saturday!! We were chopping down some trees with an axe.  It was pretty sick and the machete that I have in the picture was for clean up duty when the tree fell.  We're clearing up the lot because they’re going to build their house there.  His name is Martin and he is the coolest guy ever and when I first met him he would just lay down and go to sleep whenever we started talking about God.  Now he is a completely different person.  It is so cool to see and I would bet that i will write more about him next week.

We have another investigator that is supposed to be getting baptized on Saturday as well, but while we were in the sacrament meeting someone stole his motokar and we haven’t been able to talk to him since then.  So, we'll see, but sometimes Satan is just really annoying.  He's a really cool guy that had just finally gotten out of debt too...

Well other than that, I just spent a lot of time in the clinic this week with sick missionaries—that’s just part of the gig.

Love you guys!!

Elder Peacock

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