Thursday, July 3, 2014

Green Field

[Email dated 6/30/14]

Hey everyone!!

So this week was good, Elder Romero and I are working really hard and things are going pretty well in our area.  The attendance in the ward is going up, which is good because it’s a really small ward and we really have to get it up quick.  We’re also working on some stuff to get better coordination between the wards and the missionaries, so we’re participating in high council meetings [High Councils are the leadership councils for an area] and bishop meetings [leadership for a congregation] and all kinds of meetings and getting some cool stuff set up for the wards in the future.  The idea is that we want a system that will be based on the members, ward [congregation] and stake [area] instead of on the missionaries.  It’s not all that complicated, it just takes some time to set it up, but we're really excited about it.  

Also, due to some visa problems, some missionaries have had to leave the mission and we had to close an area (Campo Verde, or in English Green Field)  in our zone for a couple of months.  As a result, Elder Romero and I had to head out to that branch and take out all of the stuff that they had in their room and bring it to our room.  So, in our room we now have 6 desks 2 fridges, and  lots of little things that are very useful.  [Gee, it’d be great to see a picture of that!  I have been requesting pictures of his living arrangements repeatedly—almost every other week for 18 months now…never happens] It was a lot of work with two trips out there, equating to a total of 9 hours of carrying stuff and sitting in a car.  But, by the end, we got it all out.  Now it’s probable that I will head out to that branch to work once a week to help out the members.  So, I basically just got an area that is way bigger than this one and we kind of have both of them...more or less. It’s kinda ours by default because we're the zone Leaders but it’ll be fun and a good way to mix it up. 

Also this week we had a training with President Gomez which was good.  In the afternoon during the training, I went with Sister Gomez and one of the assistants to do surprise room checks when the missionaries weren’t there.  We ended with my room and mom, I think you would be proud because of all of the rooms that we saw, my room was definitely the cleanest!! haha I was really surprised by that and I bet you are too!! [The other ones must have been REALLY bad.  Just sayin’]

Love you guys!!

Elder Peacock

P.S.  Since you asked directly, yes I will be coming home on October 21st. [He mentioned the date in an aside a few weeks ago and we’ve been trying to nail him down ever since.  He’s wiggly, that one!  We were so surprised because it was a full 6 weeks earlier than the first date he gave us—we’re so excited!] 

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