Sunday, July 20, 2014


[Email dated 7.14.14]

Hey everyone!


So this week was great.  Last week when we were in Iquitos, we went to Prez’s house because he lent us a machine to make tortillas.  I didn’t even know that you needed a machine to do it!  So we had that and we had planned an activity to make tacos with the ward and more or less teach them how to do it.  We tried to make a really big deal out of all of this so that people would attend because, really, the warIMG_3430d needs a lot of help because there isn’t much going on and it’s not in great shape.  We actually had a great turnout and it went really well and the tacos were really good!  And, now I know how to make tortillas which is something quite useful to know.  I was in charge of making the guacamole and flipping the tortillas.  I also ground the corn to make the masa which was all really interesting.  But, the best part of the activity was that we put on some talks from general authorities while we were doing some cooking stuff and the members reacted really well to it.  The Stake President (who is a really cool guy) asked us for the videos because they’re pretty awesome.  They’re actually the ones that Justin gave me before I left.  This Sunday we had the highest attendance of any Sunday since I’ve been here.  Also, the tacos tasted really good.  


Also, we finally got out to Campo Verde this week to be in their council and to go and visit a few people with them.  It was really interesting.  We talked to the ex branch president who is a really smart guy but doesn’t go to church and he just had an attitude of "I know everything" as we talked to him.  A little bit has to do with the fact that were just young kids, even if my comp is 27...but it’s kinda just sad to see that someone that "knows" so much and just doesn’t want to act for reason X and Y.  He even said that him not going to church is part of God’s plan for him so that later on he can testify that you can come back....that makes no sense to me at all.  God never wants us to distance ourselves from Him.  Once we're in the pathway, there is no leaving it. 

This week we’re going to take all of the missionaries out to Campo Verde for a few hours to help them prep for their conference.

Love you guys!!

Elder Peacock

[PS.  Somehow I think we got shorted on the pictures that he meant to send last week but forgot his camera….call me greedy, I like pictures]

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