Wednesday, January 22, 2014

14 Months!

[Email dated 1.13.14]

I hit 14 months this week!

Elder Burleson and I entered the mission together so we hit 14 together too (logically) and we've both decided that we're just going to keep telling everyone that we have a little over a year in the mission.  we've decided that it's easier that way.  It's also really weird to think that we're the older missionaries with a lot of experience never really think that stuff like this is coming.  Like you know that it is going to but it never really seems like you're going to get there because it just seems so far away.

We may have had one of the funniest experiences ever the other day. We were in this house waiting for all of the family to come out to teach them.  While we were waiting, the drunk brother was sitting with us and he really likes to shake our hands and he did it about a thousand times until he just decided to hold onto Elder Burleson’s hand and he challenged him to arm wrestle....haha so I watched my comp arm  wrestle a drunk guy in the air.  It might have been one of the funniest things ever! 

And then, when we were teaching the family, he was still there and really just wanted to talk.  So I gave him a pamphlet and told him to read it because at the end we were going to give him a test.  I have never seen anyone study so hard or so quietly before in my life.  I'm still considering whether or not we should actually give him a could probably be good haha.

We're teaching this family that is also our pensionist here.  The wife has been going to church for years but the husband just hasn't wanted to do anything.  He's a great guy but just doesn't want to go to church or be baptized.  We have been praying really hard for them because it's really kinda sad for the wife.  The other day when we went for dinner, we didn't get exactly what we wanted for them but really little by little he's opening up.  He said he wants to get married so that his wife can get baptized.  Of course, we have hope for them both, but little by little his heart is opening.  The sad part of this is that the thing that is keeping him from living the Gospel is exactly the reason why he needs the Gospel. Some day he will come around, we always just have to hope it's not when it's too late.

Well, things are going great out here and I'm loving it! Even though as Zone Leaders we lose some proselyting time to do paperwork and other random things it's pretty cool and it's a lot of fun.  Have a great week!!

Elder Peacock
PS pictures next week....hopefully

PPS at least the package came back for you to try again.  I really want that shirt and tie…and the Pop Tarts…

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