Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Weddings and Baptisms

[Email dated 12.30.13]

OK, so I don't have a lot of time especially for the jump of emails from the usual 4 to 6 up to 22....ok most are pictures but between you and Eva sending me pictures [from the wedding] and a few people remembering my existence, I basically have no time to write today but I will just tell all of you that it was great to be at 2 weddings in 2 days. One in Moyobamba and one in LA....ok maybe I was in one and a half weddings....or something like that...


We had a wedding of a family on Friday and I just thought that was a little convenient, having a wedding on the same weekend as Justin.  The family got married on Friday and baptized on Saturday.  We actually had a huge service on Saturday and I would send pictures but the internet is bad [but, fortunately for you, I am behind on posting, so here they are from the following week’s email!]. It was one of the coolest moments of my mission and I really had a great couple of days. The whole experience of being in this Branch [small congregation] has been just a huge testimony builder.  It now might be one of the best areas in the mission and it's just the greatest.  I love my area and I lovIMG_2808e the people here.  I don't think I'll be here for much longer but, this area has changed completely in my 6 months here and the Lord is really doing so much.  I have also been really changed and I have grown so much in this time.  I highly doubt that I will be here next week but hey you never know.  Just know that when the Lord gives you trials it is just that, a trial that you need to overcome.  When you get through it, you will be so much stronger and so much better.  When the Lord gives you trials, it's because He loves you and wants you to grow and to change. 

Congrats to Justori, or Torstin....look forward to getting to meet you together in a little over a year [over a year?  NO.  UNDER a year.  Definitely less than a year!] and I hope all is going well for you guys!!!

Love you all!
Elder Peacock

PS One of the guys who got baptized on Saturday said that every time he prayed and asked about what we were teaching was true, a storm started and I definitely was in those storms.  I kinda wanted him to stop asking at that point.  This is the only true church and God lives and talks to us today because He loves us!!

PPS have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  make and keep some resolutions!!!!

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