Wednesday, January 22, 2014


[Email dated 1.20.14]

This was probably one of the strangest weeks in the history of the world. On Wednesday we got a call from President in the afternoon and he asked to talk to Elder Burleson.  To make a long story short,  because of some problems with some paperwork, he had to leave the country.  He got an emergency change to Ecuador Quito Mission and he left the next morning. It was a huge shock because he didn't even really know that there were any problems until that call.  It was also really sad because he was the best. We got along really well and we were really doing great work together. We entered the mission together and even though I didn't really know him all that well until he was my comp, it’s still sad that he had to leave. 

So now, I'm basically without a companion.  I technically do have one but he is from the other zone and he has a different area, so basically we just sleep in the same apartment and try to divide as much as possible.  It’s really just an awkward situation.  I'm usually going out with a young man who is just waiting for his mission call or with the mission leader who is in a wheelchair.  I actually really like being with the mission leader because I'm wheeling him around and he's just the best.

Also, now I’m a Zone leader all on my own--after 2 weeks--luckily I
understand how to do everything, it's just a lot of stuff to remember and a lot of stuff for me to do alone now.  It's ok though.  I'll have a real companion in like 3 weeks. 

Even with all of that happening, we're actually seeing a lot of stuff going on with the work here in my area and it looks like we have a whole lot more that is going to come too, so that is exciting.  But yeah, even though I don't actually have a companion at this point, I'm happy to be here and I love what I'm doing.

Elder Peacock

P.S.  I would send pictures but I can’t find my cord....

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