Wednesday, January 29, 2014

He’s Mexican?

[Email dated 1.27.14]

Hey guys!

So it turns out that I did get a companion even though his old companion is alone now....oh well.  His name is Elder Limon and he is half Mexican.... Yeah, that big red head in the background is him--Mexican?   But for reals though, his dad is Mexican I promise.  He has 19 almost 20 months on the mission and is from Arizona.


This week we were ridiculously busy, but we really didn't seem to be doing a whole lot of teaching or proselyting.  President Gomez came out to Pucallpa for almost the whole week so we had a bunch of stuff to do for interviews, room checks, special trainings, divisions, lunches, baptisms and a wedding.  It was just a really busy week and probably the bad part about being a Zone Leader because we just have to make sure everything runs smoothly and we have to make everyone happy so a lot of times we just lose a lot of what would be time to proselyte. It’s ok though because this week is going to be a lot more normal.  I think....


Saturday was just kinda crazy because everything started really late.  But it's ok, our ward had 4  baptisms on Saturday and it looks like they’re excited to really work with the missionaries (there were like 12 baptisms all of last that’s a bit of a bump for them.) But the work is going well out here for us and I am definitely becoming an expert on marriage papers.  Nobody can just have everything that they're supposed to, so we always have to find some other things to replace them.  It's always an adventure...haha


This is Elder Burleson in the airport on his way out, and he gave me his cowboy Tabasco tie...sick!!

I love you guys have a great week!!

Elder Peacock

PS: I got one of the Christmas packages.  I think the assistants just
didn’t have room to bring both of them this week, but next week I'll be
in Iquitos again and I should get to pick up the other one.

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