Saturday, November 17, 2012

1st Email Home!

[dated 11/15/12]


IMG_0484So I am definitely loving the MTC right now.  It's just an awesome place.  I'll start with the basics I guess, I'm in a triple companionship, my companions are Elder Belnap from New York City and Elder Forward from good ole' Provo Utah.  Elder Belnap is 6'9" he is not a basketball player.  Not a volleyball player.  He actually plays baseball.  He's a pitcher. Right-handed, not a lefty.  He also loves bird watching.  I've gotten pretty good at telling people that list of things because everyone asks him the same exact questions.  He sticks out a little bit so I end up telling everyone the same things about him a couple times a day and then he doesn't have to say anything to anybody anymore.  He's a cool guy, also went to BYU and stayed in the dorms so I'm not sure how I never noticed him before.  Elder Forward lives like 5 minutes away from here. He is a great guy and has a great testimony and I love the guy. 


As far as our District goes, there are 11 of us, 5 (including our triple) to Peru and 6 to Mexico.  They're all cool guys and we all kinda just clicked right off the bat and we're all pretty good friends.  I was called as District leader, so that's been interesting.  Our district is awesome other than the fact that it's hard for most of us to stay on task.  Also a lot of the time that we're together, they like to sing boy band songs (N’sync, Backstreet Boys One Direction, etc...) haha I'm not so sure how I feel about that.  One of the other elders in my district is really cool (not that the others aren't cool but this one is particularly  cool).  Elder Lamb is from AZ but he has a lot of ties to the SCV and has a lot of family that is there and spends a lot of time there so I'll probably end up seeing him a few times in the future.  He was a football player, most likely going to play at SVU but I'm trying to get him to forget that and come to BYU, he's trying to get me to go to SVU and play football there but there is no way that would ever happen. 


Our teacher is Hermano Davis and he is awesome.  We already taught 5 lessons to a guy that went by Juan Carlos but apparently he is really going to be our 2nd teacher.  We didn't find that out until after we taught him so that'll be weird to have him teaching us after him being our "investigator".  But Spanish is actually going really well.  From Hermano Davis’ first impressions, he suggested that one other Elder and myself try taking the Spanish verbal test to see if we were ready for the intermediate class as opposed to the beginner class.  Both of us were given the choice and decided to stay with our district because apparently you learn the same stuff, it just changes the kind of speakers you can talk to outside of class. 

IMG_0431Yes mom, Eva did send me Target.  I didn't have much time before class but I figured I would have enough time to just grab the package and it wouldn't be that big of a deal.  I ended up getting the biggest box that I have ever seen and then I basically had to run home carrying this massive box and then run to class and then still ended up being late to class.  Haha I love the package, it was just bigger than I was expecting.  And mom I did get the package thanks!! also I don't know that I can do anything with much more food.  Thanks for all the letters an packages! I have to go right now but I love all of you and if you guys need anything you can always write or email and I'll get back to you eventually. 

Love you guys!!

Elder Peacock

P.S. One of the best talks that I've ever heard was shown on Sunday, Elder Holland’s “Missions Are Forever”.  It was given at the MTC and it's the best.

P.P.S.  I also forgot to mention that I won't know anything about my visa until 5 days before I'm supposed to leave so the 22ndish.

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