Thursday, November 29, 2012

MTC Moments


Cleaning spray graffiti PeacocksFor the rest of Thanksgiving, we had a service project/humanitarian aid type thing and a Thanksgiving musical program with just some elders and sisters in the MTC that performed.  One of the songs was a piano medley that was arranged by the missionary with “I Believe in Christ”, “I Hope They Call Me on a Mission”, “Called to Serve”, “I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go”, (and there could have been a few more songs in there too) but it was really awesome.  That night we got to watch 17 Miracles which is a great movie. I had heard some good things about it, but I just thought it was another one of those church movies, but I really liked it.  [picture is one of my cleaning spray graffiti peacocks that I mentioned earlier]

Later that night we had a little bit of free time and our district started playing this game "Destiny Shots". Basically, we would throw an empty bottle across the room into the trash can and predict something that would happen if we made it.  For instance, if you make this shot, then you’re going to…  Some guys are not going to get any letters from girls, some have decided their wives already and all of us have the power to break the barrier of the friend zone.  Also some hermanas will now be having quintuplets...congratulations?


This is Elder Lamb.  He fell asleep on Thanksgiving...under the bed...smiling…with beef jerky open next to him...not sure how that even happened.

Sunday, we found out that our triple companionship was being broken up because Elder Dew, who was supposed to leave on Tuesday morning with the rest of his district never got a reassignment call (they’re all being reassigned because none of them got their visas).  He is now companions with Elder Belnap and I'm with Elder Forward for probably about another week because Elder Dew should have his reassignment any day now.  Honestly though, being in a normal companionship is so much better than a triple companionship.  Three people is just too many and it's impossible to get anything done and teaching is a lot harder with three.  As far as my Spanish is going, it's progressing and I feel like I'm about where I should be at the moment.

Every Wednesday, we start the morning with a "task".  This week we “went” to the doctors office.  We just had to explain what was wrong and then receive a diagnosis from Doctor/Hermano Davis.  We get in there and he asks Elder Forward what's wrong, Elder Forward says "Pienso que estoy embarazado".  I thought for sure he just didn't know what he was saying because that means "I think I'm pregnant" rather than embarrassed, which is a word it’s often confused with.  Doctor/Hermano Davis thought so too but he repeated it "Pienso que estoy embarazada?" while pointing to his belly.  Neither one of us could really avoid laughing because apparently he really thought he was pregnant.  Hopefully that scenario never really plays out in real life though.

This morning we got up early, did our laundry early and went to the temple.  They have the best breakfast there.  Maybe that's just because I refuse to eat anything the cafeteria makes for breakfast other than oatmeal and fruit but it was the best food ever.  Just thought I'd let you know. 

Still no word on the visas but I have no idea what that really means.  At least I haven't had to resubmit the power of attorney paperwork three times like Elder Belnap has.  I'll obviously let you know if that changes.


This is Elders Dew and Moore. They were my first Zone Leaders and Elder Moore is going to play football at BYU when he gets home so I'll have an “in” with the team when I get home.  Also, before you look at the name tags, guess which one is which!

Thanks to everyone that has sent me stuff so far! I love getting stuff in the mail.  Also thank you Eva for the tree, ornaments and reindeer antlers.  We already had lights in our room and now the room also smells like Christmas.  It's kind of the best coming home at night to that smell.  Love you all and I'm loving being here!

Elder Peacock

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