Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Big Day: MTC

Tyler had heard that one of his favorite Provo restauranIMG_0920ts offered a free meal to missionaries on the day they entered the MTC, so he had planned his day weeks ago.  (I’m thinking the “free meal” was kind of an excuse to go, since he wouldn’t have been the one paying anyway!!)  It is a Brazilian steakhouse—the kind where they bring meat and more meat to you at your table.  We figured with an 11am meal, he’d be perfectly timed for meat sweats beginning at 1, when he was scheduled to report.

Apparently we were not the only ones to hear about the free missionary meal because the place was packed by 11:30 with new missionaries and their families.


Some last goodbyes to Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Michelle.


Years, months, weeks, days… of preparation. And, it all comes down to three minutes at the curb.


And then Elder Pearson whisked him away with his bags.  His back was straight and his shoulders squared.  Wish we could say the same for ourselves.  Vaya con Dios, Elder Peacock!

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